10 Best Drones 2022

Best Drones 2022 – review of the top 10 drone models for 2022. These excellent drone models were designed by the companies; DJI, Holy Stone, Potensic & Snaptain.

Best Drones

The drone market took to the skies in 2015 when the Federal Aviation Administration approved hundreds of new exemptions for drone operators to use drones in business applications. The consumer market followed, and drones are now available at affordable prices for everyone. In fact, there are so many brands and models that it’s difficult to choose. This list of the top 10 drones for 2020 can help you choose the best drone for your needs.

Criteria Used in the Review

Price, features, ease of operation and reliability for commercial use are all factors, but a high cost-value score is the most important consideration. After all, most people prefer to save money when they can, but others want the best quality or the cheapest price. Drones fitting all these categories are included in the list:

1. Holy Stone HS720 Drone

The best drone for 2020 is the perfect example of getting the maximum cost-value in a drone. The Holy Stone HS720 Drone receives 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The drone comes with an incredible array of high-tech features that include:

– Foldable design for easy travel
– 2K FHD camera that shoots 2048 X 1152P images and videos with image stabilization tech
– 90° adjustable lens
– 5GHz FPV transmission
– Automatic return home feature
– Follow me feature
– 26 minutes of flying time
– Battery level and GPS coordinates shown on display screen
– Extended control range

The range of the HS720 is an impressive 1,600 meters and 914 meters of altitude. The can transmit live streams, but doing so reduces the maximum altitude to 800 meters, or 2,624 feet, which is still impressive and highly beneficial for filming landscapes ,geographic features, buildings, etc.

This drone takes the top spot for its cost-value profile, flexibility and ease of use. The controls are simple and intuitive, and it only takes one click to send the drone off or land it. The only major drawback is the battery, which takes 5 to 7 hours to charge. Fortunately, you can buy the Holy Stone Spare Battery for HS720 GPS Quadcopter Drone to have a charged replacement waiting.

Holy Stone is one of the top drone manufacturers that produce bargain-priced drones, and the cost-value profile of this particular model makes it the top choice of the year.

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2. DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone is number 2 and the top choice among more expensive drones. DJI Mavic enjoys the reputation as the foremost manufacturer of easy-to-fly drones and drones with superior aerial photography systems. Ideal for commercial use, the Mavic 2 Pro Drone fulfills the needs of business professionals and the most experienced drone enthusiasts.

The pros of the drone system include its power and the buyer’s choice between a fully integrated 2x optical zoom lens and a Hasselblad-developed Pro lens. Comparing the Mavic 2 Pro Drone’s camera system with others is a no-brainer. DJI clearly wins the battle with an aperture of 2.8 and shutter speed of 1/800 to reduce motion blur. The high-quality zoom or optical lens reproduces clearer images than other drone cameras, and the camera has a manual focusing option. Other benefits of the drone include:

– Advanced signature technologies from DJI that include the sensing system, intelligent flight battery, remote controller, landing lights and waterproof carrying case
– Signal booster
– PGY ND Filters and pad holder
– Portability
– 128GB micro SD card
– Wind-resistant
– Excellent noise characteristics due to the low frequency and quieter operation
– Longer battery life than most drones – up to 30 minutes of flight time

The cons of the Mavic 2 Pro Drone include its steep $2,200 price tag, which is not affordable for most casual users, hobbyists and children. The drone could use additional internal memory, and the system eliminates the CDI aspect ratio. The drone received an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on Amazon, and it only misses the top spot because of its price.

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3. DJI Spark Mini Drone

The DJI Spark Mini Drone comes in Lava Red and other signature colors, and it really sparks up your drone flying time. The high-performance camera captures astonishing photos and videos, and the model offers many signature DJI technologies that include Intelligent Flight Modes for outstanding speed and precision control. In TapFly mode, you can control your flight on your phone screen. The drone’s 2-axis gimbal reduces shakes and rolling, and the camera system features a f2 2.6-wide lens with a 25 mm focal length. The lightweight, aerodynamic engineering speeds the drone through wind and weather resistance.

The DJI Spark Mini Drone comes in Lava Red, Alpine White, Sunrise Yellow, Meadow Green and Sky Blue. The drone system only costs about $350, and it’s a good alternative to the high price of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone. The Spark has many of the great DJI features. The pros and cons of the DJI Spark Mini Drone include


– 12 megapixel internal camera
– Can be used with the controller or your phone, but phone use reduces battery life
– Special modes that open with a tap
– Simple control without using a controller
– Ability to take stunning photos and videos in the Intelligent Flight Mode
– Automatic editing templates
– Starts and rises instantly when seeing your face with FaceAware Mode
– Recognizes and tracks people and objects with ActiveTrack
– Ability to fly indoors with ActiveTrack
– Easy portability because the drone only weighs 300 grams


– Limited 1080P taping
– Short battery life
– Limited flying and hovering times
– No support for high frame rates

The Spark can be controlled with hand gestures, a cool feature that younger users will love. The range of intelligent flight modes, durable construction, lightweight design and affordable price make it the third choice our list.

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4. Holy Stone HS120D Drone

Number 4 on the list is the Holy Stone HS120D Drone, which is the second least expensive at $140. The HS120D packs a lot of punch for a low price, and it’s one of two drones in the list that are perfect for beginners and children. The 1080P full HD camera captures clear still photos and stable videos if you’re not looking to win a photography contest or filmmaking prize. The drone earns 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon reviews.

The benefits of choosing the HS120D include:

– TapFly function to draw the drone’s flight path on your phone screen
– 75° adjustable wide-angle lens
– Follow Me mode that makes the drone follow you while freeing your hands
– GPS positioning for safer flying
– Altitude hold, Headless Mode and One Key Start/Landing functions made flying extra easy
– 18 minutes of flight, which is double what similarly priced models offer
– FPV live video feed that allows you to view video taping n real-time up to 300 meters from your position
– Upgraded real-time transmission

The disadvantages of the HS120D include:

– Short battery life
– Initial setup can be frustrating
– Must download app to receive images on your phone

Overall, the HS120D Drone strikes a balance between low cost and a wealth of flying features. The drone has a good cost-value percentage for use by children, beginners and hobbyists.

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5. Holy Stone HS100 Drone

The Holy Stone HS 100 is reasonably priced at $162. The drone’s larger body, special control features and powerful motors help to keep the drone steady in strong winds and adverse weather. It’s simple to use for beginners because all you have to do is press the One Key Takeoff/Landing button to rise to a predetermined height or come in for a perfect landing.

The flying time is 15 minutes, and the battery can control the drone up to 500 meters away. The 1080P 120° FOV FPV camera has a 90° adjustable lens to take great photos and high-quality videos that you can view in real-time from the remote control unit. The pros of the drone include:

– Follow Me Mode for hands-free flying
– 15 minutes of flying time
– One click takeoff and landing convenience
– 2500mAh high-performance battery
– GPS return-home feature

The disadvantages of buying the Holy Stone HS100 Drone include:

– There are some connectivity problems with this model.
– The 720P camera doesn’t match the quality of other Holy Stone models.
– The charging times can run between 3 and 4 hours.

Despite these problems, the model features tons of high-tech features and a high score when you assess its cost-value ratio. The battery problem can be solved with backup batteries.

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6. DJI Mavic Air Drone

The DJI Mavic Air Drone joins the listing of the highest rated drone models in the number 6 position, primarily based on the strength of its camera that films in high-bit-rate UHD and captures still photos in HDR and Panorama modes. The system also supports Raw and JPEG applications, which makes it ideal for professional videotaping and commercial services. The price is less than half of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone, the number 2 drone, and the drone’s compact size makes it easy to fold for storage and travel.

The Mavic Air Drone is the smallest drone that DJI manufactures and weighs less than an iPad. The colors of the Drone include Arctic White, Onyx Black and Flame Red. The pros of the drone Include:

– Small size
– Ability to control the drone with hand gestures
– 2.5 mile control range with the remote, but only 262 feet when using phone control
– Detachable control stick for storage
– Ability to attach your phone to the drone for a first-person view
– Detachable Lightning, micro USB and USB-C cables

The cons of the Mavic Air Drone include:

– High price that makes it unsuitable for children and beginners
– No support for USB charging
– Flight limited to 18 minutes

The Mavic Air has many of the features of the more expensive Mavic 2 Pro Drone at about one-third of the price. It’s a great choice for filming aerial landscapes for commercial purpose.

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7. DJI Phantom 3 Drone

The DJI Phantom 3 Drone is slightly more expensive than the Mavic Air, but the cost-value ratio is judged as slightly less than that of the number 6 choice. The DJI Phantom, however, has some extra features that many enthusiasts are willing to pay an extra 50% to receive. These include an extra battery, remote control recharger and hard case for travel.

The DJI Phantom also features 4k UHD video recording for stunning, commercial-grade videos, but the Lightbridge streaming feature allows you to view live action in 720P while the full HD version is saved to the SD card. The pros of the DJI Phantom 3 include:

– Easy to operate
– Built-in GPS function
– Stabilized 3-axis gimbal for the steadiest videos and clearest photos
– 20 mm wide angle lens
– Return-home function
– Automated flight modes for flying convenience

The cons of the DJI Phantom 3 include:

– High price tag
– You can’t fly the drone within 15 miles of the White House.
– The battery life is limited, so get backups.
– The wide-angle lens sometimes generates edge distortion.

The Phantom 3 delivers an incredible flying experience and superior photos and videos for enthusiasts and commercial users.

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8. Potensic T25 GPS Drone

The number 8 pick for 2020 makes an ideal big-ticket gift for children and drone enthusiasts of all ages. The Potensic T25 GPS Drone is priced at $180, which brings into range for most drone aficionados and gift-givers. The drone comes with a 1080P HD camera with an incredible 20° FOV and 75° adjustable wide-angle lens for filming more stable videos and blur-free photos.

The benefits of buying this drone include an easy learning curve for beginners. The drone is equipped with dual GPS+9-axis gyro space that makes the drone hover while standing still. Other pros of the drone include:

– High-quality images
– Affordability
– Return-home function that engages automatically when the signal is lost or battery is low
– Altitude hold available optionally
– Up to 300-meter control range
– Farther and Broader function enables you to fly farther and see broader
– Follow Me function

The cons of the drone package include:

– Some features are optional
– Short battery life
– No SD card included

The advanced features and excellent camera system raise the cost-value profile of this drone so that it’s worth every penny you spend.

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9. Potensic D80 RC Drone

The Potensic D80 RC Drone is designed for adult use of people over the age of 25. The drone is one of the fastest on the market, so the pilot needs some experience to fly the drone safely. It’s an affordable choice for drone enthusiasts who want some of the most exciting flight time and best quality filming. The system supports 5.0GHz Wi-Fi for zero-latency transmission and transmits 1080P videos up to 500 meters. However, you will need an SD card and a phone that supports 5G technology.

The benefits of the Potensic D80 RC Drone include:

– Return-home function
– Powerful, brushless motors for greater life expectancy and quieter operation
– Flight time of 20 minutes
– Maximum speed of 40km/h
– Orbit Mode for taking selfies
– Long flight range
– Stylish design
– Replaceable modular battery

The cons of the drone system include:

– Long battery charging time
– Difficult learning curve, so it’s better for experienced drone pilots
– No obstacle avoidance system

The D80 RC Drone is an excellent choice for experienced pilots. At a cost under $200, you can afford to buy it for yourself or as a gift.

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10. SNAPTAIN S5C Drone

The tenth choice is the SNAPTAIN S5C Drone. It’s the lowest priced drone in the list, and it’s exceptionally user-friendly. You can draw a line on your phone, and the drone will follow the flight path. The ideal choice for beginners, the S5C drone offers these benefits:

– Smart voice control
– Altitude hold
– Gravity sensor function
– One Key Take-Off and Landing
– Compatible with VR headsets
– Video transmission up to 80 meters
– Advanced features for a low price
– Obstacle sensors to power an avoidance system
– Ability to do flips
– Fluid connection through the company’s app

The cons of the S5C drone include:

– No SD card included
– Flights that are risky in bad weather due to instability in windy conditions

The final choice in the top 10 list meets all the criteria for beginner drone flying: low cost, user-friendly operation, a short learning curve and automated safety features.

Choose any of above drones for superior quality and a good cost-value profile, based on your pricing and quality preferences, commercial needs and your level of experience.

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