6 Best Drones for under $100 – 2023

Best Drones for under 100 dollars for 2023 – discover the best budget quadcopter drones that are worth the money. Reviews of Syma, Holy Stone, Eachine and more.

Drones have been steadily growing in popularity over the years. As they have become more and more popular, more drone models and features have evolved as they drop in price while drone technology develops and advances. With more competition on the drone marketplace, it can be harder than ever to determine which models are the best for their price. When it comes to shopping for a drone, buyers must ask themselves what their primary use of the drone will be; that helps determine which features are must-haves and which are unnecessary. Drones have evolved to reflect what users want them for, hence the emergence and growing popularity of the compact selfie drone. To find out what users regard as the best drones under $100, read on.

Best Drones under $100

1. DEERC HS177 RC Quadcopter Drone

The DEERC HS177 Quadcopter drone is regarded as an excellent drone for children and beginners. This drone is a battle drone used for fun jousts with opponents. Battlers will compete by shooting at the infrareds, causing the other drone to land slowly after four hits.

The ‘headless’ mode setting makes it easy to fly as in this mode, whichever direction the pilot is facing is the front of the drone. Determining the front from back can be tricky for beginners, so this is a user-friendly feature worth mentioning.

The drone comes with colorful shells children will enjoy switching out for new looks. The flying time is 9 minutes, and there are three speed modes. There is an emergency stop feature to prevent impact that could cause damage, and the quadcopter has a one-key start and landing.

This is a fabulous battle drone for children or beginners with its six-axis gyro with altitude hold feature which makes it hover at a default height for ease of control and fun battle capabilities. For $24.99, this is a great drone for children or for getting your feet wet in the drone world.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/deerc-hs177-rc/

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2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator mini RC helicopter drone is another popular drone choice for beginners. The ‘headless’ mode allows for operators of all ability to fly it with ease. It boasts 2.4GHZ technology to avoid interference, and with its 6-axis gyro stabilization, it is easy to control and manoeuvre.

It is fairly resistant to wind and has a control range of approximately 30-to-50 meters. It has a flight time of 6-to-8 minutes with a battery charge time of 45-to-60 minutes.

While the cons of this model is the shorter flight time and longer battery-charging time, for $39.99, this is a great drone to hone your pilot skills on before moving up in the drone world.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/holy-stone-hs170/

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3. DBPOWER Predator U842 Quadcopter Drone

The DBPOWER Predator U842 quadcopter drone is to be used outdoors and has a ‘headless’ mode ideal for beginners. This drone is where it’s at for social media users who want to share their high-quality aerial footage and images. The HD WiFi real-time transmission allows for professional-quality images to be shared with friends and family on the social network of the pilot’s choice.

The 720P HD camera is ideal for capturing moments shot from above for an impressive panoramic colorful display. This is ideal for those wanting to shoot parties, weddings, or sports.

Thanks to the headless mode, there is no need to worry about losing the drone or of being unsure which direction the drone is flying. Pilots have 100-percent control for a user-friendly flying experience.

This drone has an impressive flight time as it comes with two extra batteries that can last up to 18 minutes when fully charged. With an industry-standard flight time of seven minutes, this drone is a step above as pilots can enjoy its features for longer and explore farther afield.

With the simple headless mode, out-of-range alarm, and user-friendly controls, HD camera, this drone is ideal for those wanting to shoot impressive aerial footage and images. Coming in just under the mark at $99.99, the DB POWER Predator drone is a great buy with a lot to offer.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/dbpower-predator-u842/

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4. SYMA X20 Mini Pocket Drone

The SYMA X20 Mini Pocket drone can fit in the palm of your hand so is unrivalled in compactness and portability. This quadcopter drone has a ‘headless’ mode for easy and precise flight controls. This tiny piece of technology is designed to easily slip into pockets or bags so it can be taken along on outings with ease. Its size makes it ideal for flying indoors or in smaller areas.

The headless mode positions your drone in accordance with your controller and removes any potential confusion regarding the drone’s flight direction. Its user-friendly design also boasts a one-key start and landing, allowing for pilots of all ability and experience to control and fly.

With its two-speed mode of ‘high’ or ‘low’, this is the ultimate drone for beginners or as a performance toy for children. It is capable of performing 360-degree flips at the touch of a single button.

While this drone is not capable of exploring outdoors or shooting images, the SYMA is fun and easy to fly, and at $25.98, it makes an ideal gift for children or beginners interested in doing some drone stunts for fancy flying.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/syma-x20/

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5. EACHINE E58 Quadcopter Drone

The EACHINE E58 quadcopter drone is the ultimate for taking impressive professional-quality aerial footage and images. The HD camera and FPV function has a camera with a 120-degree wide angle lens that is adjustable an capable of capturing crystal-clear aerial images.

With WiFi real-time transmission, the FPV system connects easily to your phone and will show the drone’s view directly on your phone’s screen. This allows for easy sharing with friends and family.

The drone’s portability is supported by its compact fuselage and foldable design. It comes equipped with a replacement drone arm so if one is damaged or broken, you can easily reattach it and continue flying.

Its user-friendly flight is thanks to the ‘altitude hold’ function that allows pilots to lock their height and location while the drone hovers stably to capture its crystal-clear footage. The drone is very easy to control as it takes off and lands with one simple click. The emergency landing gear feature helps protect the body against destructive impact.

The 3D flip feature is very impressive as far as special effects go, and the one-key return brings the drone home safely.

The ‘headless’ mode aligns the front of the drone with the remote so it is easy to fly and reach your destination. The trimming function allows for simple and effective tilt adjustments to stabilize flight.

With excellent special effects features, real-time transmission, and a user-friendly headless mode, this drone is ideal for those wanting to share their footage on social media. For $50.00, EACCHINE E58 is an excellent investment.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/eachine-e58/

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6. DROCON Quadcopter Drone X708W

The DROCON Quadcopter X708W drone is ideal for beginners. It features real-time WiFi transmission with a powerful HD camera. It is a durable drone that has a lot to offer for its price point.

The one-key return feature allows for east control and ensures pilots won’t lose site of their drone. The one-key control also operate the forward and backward control stick.

With the real-time WiFi transmission capabilities, video feeds can be connected straight to your mobile device via the FPV feature.

The DROCON app is easily installed and comes with an instructional video that will answer all your questions. The two-speed modes are ideal for flyers just getting used to the controls and allows for indoor flying as well.

The drone’s aerodynamic design allows for smooth landing and stable flight for a user-friendly flying experience.

For $49.99, the DROCON X708W has a lot to offer its users. From its easy flight controls with its one-key feature, its WiFi transmission for easy sharing of video footage and images, its impressive HD camera, this drone is a popular choice for those shopping within its price point.

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/drocon-x708w-fpv/

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Drone Selection Tips

When it comes time to invest in a drone for yourself, ask yourself what you really want it for. You don’t want to pay for a number of flashy features you won’t be using, and you also don’t want to miss out on something your enjoyment depends on.

Flight Performance

If you are wanting an exploratory drone for the pleasure of flying, you will want one that has a long flight time, comes with an extra battery with a short charge time, and a headless mode for ease of flying. If you are interested in stunt flying, you will want a drone with a 360-degree flip feature.

Camera Quality

If you are interested in a drone more for the video footage and image-capturing capabilities, obviously, the camera quality is key. You will want one with an HD camera and an axis stabilizer so the drone can hover steadily while filming or photographing. Lenses that are wide-angle and adjustable take the best panoramic images and footage and are thought to be the best when it comes to recording or shooting events like sports or weddings.


If you are wanting to take your drone out and about on regular outings, you will want one with a compact foldable design. Luckily, many are available to fit in the palm or your hand and easily in a travel bag.

Speed Settings

You will want to ask yourself if you are planning on flying indoors, outdoors, or both. For flying indoors, a compact design is key, along with different speed settings for more precise control.

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Top Drone Brands

The competition on the drone marketplace is fierce as manufacturers and brands compete to bring something new and exciting to the world of drone technology. While there is no shortage of drone brands to choose from, there are some that are regarded as top of the line industry leaders that produce superior products. Halo, Yuneec, DJI, GoPro, Parrot, Holy Stone, SYMA, Cheerson, and Walkera are regarded as some of the best drones in terms of quality, durability, performance, features, design, and camera.

Average Civilian Drone Pricing
When it comes to civilian drone pricing, it really is all over the map. Like most types of advancing technology, drones are continuously getting better and cheaper. You can purchase a small pocket drone of selfie drone for as little as $30 while your professional quadcopter drones can reach upwards of $1,700.

Quadcopters are currently the most popular consumer drone with toy quads ranging in price from $30 to $100, FPV racing quads ranging anywhere from $170 to $900, home-built quads $350 to $1,000, and professional video and camera drones coming in at $370 all the way up to $1,700.

Drones have evolved well beyond their original use as surveillance gadgets for the military. They have taken the general public by storm as civilian drones can perform a number of functions from exploring, flying, doing stunts, shooting professional-quality aerial footage and images, taking selfies, and battling. There are drones on the market to satisfy all levels of ability and budget as the wide variance of quality, features, brand, and technology have made these fun gadgets accessible to consumers on a whole new level.

When it comes to researching and buying the best drones under $100, there are many to choose from. Your choice should depend on what you plan on using the drone for the most. If it is the fun of flying and stunting, features like a headless mode, 360-flip feature, a long flight time, and quick battery-recharging time should be taken into account. If you are more interested in taking a drone along on outings to capture that perfect ‘dronie’, a portable, usually foldable, selfie drone is what you should get. If you are interested in shooting wide-scale professional-quality aerial footage and images, especially of live events taking place below, a drone that boasts an HD camera, wide-angle adjustable lens, with a gyro stabilizer for crystal-clear shooting is essential. Basically, there is a drone for everyone, as long as you are willing to do your due diligence beforehand to ensure you know exactly what you want and which drones have it.

6 Best Drones for under $100 – 2023
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