3 Best Drones for under $50 – 2023

Best Drones for under 50 dollars for 2023 – find out which low cost budget drones are worth the money. Syma and Eachine brand models are reviewed in this article.

The market is overflowing with mini-drones that are ideal for anyone looking for an affordable unit. Well-known brands like Syma offer mini-drones with decent features, such as a shock resistant frame, battery protection system and 360-degree eversion.

Best Drones under 50

Top mini-drones

Some of the best drones under $50 include:

1. Syma X5C-1

Syma X5C-1 is the new version of the popular Syma X5C. The drone rises rapidly in flight and it can be set low for inexperienced users. The wind resistance is surprisingly good for a mini-drone. The radio control has a fairly limited range of about 98 feet that can be easily increased.

The integrated LCD display offers some indication in relation to the unit’s movement. As can be expected, the quality of the videos is low but reaches an acceptable level only in the presence of good lighting. Flying outdoors on a beautiful spring day allows you to capture better quality videos and photos. The camera has a slot for a micro SD card (the included card comes with 4GB storage space) and is hooked to the removable hatch that closes the battery compartment.

When the drone is turned on, the four lower lights (two red and two green) help you see the front and back of the quadcopter. From the point of view of quality to price ratio, the Syma X5C-1 is one of the best products available on the market. The remote controller comes in a decent size making it easier to handle. Price – $45.


– 6 axis gyroscope
– USB charging
– 3.7V 500 mAh LiPO Battery
– Card reader
– 2MP HD camera
– 360-degree version

PROs and CONs Listing

  • 360-degree roll ensures superior performance and stunts
  • Provides anti-interference capability
  • Uses spread spectrum technology
  • Faster radio controller reaction time

  • Limited range

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/syma-x5c-1/

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2. Eachine E52

Eachine E52 is a small and light drone with foldable arms that boosts portability. Inside the package, you will find the Eachine E52 drone with its battery already inserted, a USB plug to recharge the battery, a tool for removing the propellers and four spare propellers. In addition, you will find the remote controller that uses four batteries.

The unit can be controlled either through the supplied remote controller or an app that is downloadable from the Play Store. The transmission is via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and is limited to 98 feet. However, piloting this drone on a smartphone compromises responsiveness compared to the remote controller. The latter establishes a good feeling between the drone and the controls allowing you to fly easily.

The remote control is equipped with a clamp to hold a smartphone, which enables you to view the camera frames (a sort of FPV). However, the delay in transmission makes it rather difficult to pilot the device using the screen.

In addition to the piloting sticks, there are eight buttons that replicate controls on the app. The sticks serve various functions, including starting video recording, taking pictures, making 360-degree rotations and more.

Eachine E52 has a special altitude hold function. Once activated, the feature keeps the drone at the same height thanks to an internal altimeter. In general, the flight experience is not the best, the drone is very light (about 80 grams), thus making it vulnerable to strong winds. The camera’s audio and video quality are not ideal

The Eachine E52 is equipped with a 500 mAh battery that allows seven to 10 minutes of uninterrupted flight. The drone is suitable for a young audience and those who want to learn the basic commands of drone piloting. Price – $49.


– 2.0MP wide angle camera
– 6 axis gyroscope
– Charging time: 60 – 70 minutes
– 3.7V 500mAh battery
– Headless Mode

Pros and cons

  • Stable flying in low wind
  • Made from durable high strength materials
  • Easy to control via remote controller

  • Unstable flying in strong winds
  • The camera produces poor quality images

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/eachine-e52/

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3. JJRC H31

The JJRC is a lightweight quadcopter made of high strength plastic. It is equipped with brushed motors, gyroscopes and accelerometers. The radio control transmits at 2.4 GHz and allows a control range between 229 and 262 feet. The 3.7V 400mAH battery allows a flight time of about seven minutes and it is recharged using a USB flash drive in about one hour.

The JJRC H31 is equipped with LEDs that improve the visibility of the drone in low light conditions. The unit is waterproof, thus allowing you to fly even in the rain. It is possible to take pictures and record videos in HD thanks to the special commands on the remote controller. This quadcopter is one of the first economic drones that are waterproof. Price – $34.99.


– 360-degree eversion
– Headless Mode
– 3.7V and 400 mAH Lipo battery
– 2.4GHz 4-channel radio control
– Pair of sunglasses
– Spare propellers

Pros and cons

  • Return to Home mode enables the device to fly back to the point of origin.
  • Six-axis gyro stabilizer improves positioning during flights
  • Waterproof
  • Over-charge battery protection

  • Poor low battery warning function

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/jjrc-h31/

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Drone selection tips

Many professional and recreational activities have been revolutionized with the advent of camera drones. From journalism and sports to photography, both the young and old are finding a wide variety of uses for their drones. At the same time, they are arguably one of the most fun gadgets of the last decade.

When it comes to choosing the right drone, it is vital to pay particular attention to the camera and its quality, image stability, weight, autonomy and ergonomics of piloting.

To avoid breakage during the first hours of flight, watch for the following features, which will help you navigate with ease. These features are hallmarks of a novice-friendly product.

Opt for radio commands. Models that navigate via a tablet or smartphone may seem easier. In reality, Wi-Fi has an uncertain range than radio waves and latency is expected. These inaccuracies can cost you dearly considering the inertia of the device.

When it comes to power, top speed, maximum altitude or range, do not choose the most spectacular unless you are aiming for professional use cases. A small drone with medium power will be much easier to maneuver and cheaper. You will not suffer heavy financial losses if something happens to it.

Propeller guards

Propeller guards play a vital role in extending the working life of your drone. They are like small wheels when you start riding a bike. If your drone is not equipped with guards, buy them separately. If they are not compatible with your propeller, do not buy it. Blades per unit cost several dollars and the slightest shock can twist them. Eventually, you may even damage the engines. A propeller guard is a small, lightweight plastic hoop that covers sensitive parts without impeding air-flow.

GPS or no GPS?

If you want a long-range model, opt for a camera drone that you can locate easily. Beyond the breakage, there is the question of a loss. A GPS will allow you to find it in any situation.

Camera stabilization

Stabilizing the camera will help you capture good quality images regardless of the stability of the drone itself. Two technologies exist, each with its own set of advantages. One is less expensive and uses built-in software to correct the image and records an artificially stable video (electronic stabilization). You may lose marginal video quality but the result avoids the effects of shaking.

The second option is more efficient. It is inspired by the gyro-stabilizers installed on the helicopters. A powered nacelle compensates for camera movement to keep the camera in a fixed position. Like the head of a hen when you move the rest of the body.

Obstacle Detection

Always useful in case of a problem, an obstacle detection system allows your drone to regain control automatically if it is headed into a wall or other objects. This happens more often during drone flights. It can operate via the camera, through 3D visual analysis of its surroundings or via a more efficient sensor, which maps the environment using ultrasound.

Return to Home function

If your device exceeds its maximum range or has a low battery, it will automatically return to your position by following the command signal.

FPV – First Person View

FPV – First Person View often consists of a screen built into the command that allows you to see what your drone sees. For thrill seekers, you can pair this video with a virtual reality headset to wander through the air as if you were there.

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Top drone brands

Some of the best drone brands available on the market include Walkera, Syma, DJI, Parrot and Mavic. The prices for the devices range between $30 and $5,000. High-end units come with advanced flying and camera features but are not ideal for beginners. On the other hand, opting for drones under $50 provides a surefire way to learn the basics without risking heavy financial losses.

Finding drones under $50 to start your adventure can be daunting. If you are a beginner looking for a cheap quadcopter to learn how to pilot, the Eachine E33C could be the best choice. It has features and functionality suited to its price range. The product is light and fun to pilot even if you have no experience.

Eachine is a Chinese brand specialized in drone production. It is making a good impact on the market thanks to the optimal quality to price ratio. This drone is the latest model in the E33 series, which has always received good drone reviews for the reliability and quality of the products. The Eachine E33C is made of plastic. It comes in black while the lower part of the rotors is white, which improves the visibility of the drone during flight.

Is it legal to fly a drone?
Since their appearance on the market, drones have been subject to regulation. Several incidents, such as regular overflights over nuclear power plants and the dropping of a drone on a highway have pushed the authorities to regulate their use.

In some jurisdictions, the altitude limit is 500 feet maximum regardless of the capabilities of the device. The pilot must also always keep the drone in sight. The flying of drones may be prohibited in built-up and urban areas, especially around sensitive places. These include airports, aerodromes, military bases, power stations, highways and more. In short, if you feel the possibility of risk or a prohibition? It probably is.

The image capture of a person without their consent using a camera drone may be prohibited. The best solution is to seek the consent of individuals. It is also advisable to contact your insurance company, especially for larger drones to ensure coverage of third-party liability insurance.

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Types of drones

You can choose the ideal drone based on specific requirements and intended uses cases. The market is filled with different types of drones.

An octocopter is used by farmers to monitor their fields. They often have several hectares of plantation so they use the octocopter to protect their investment. The devices are useful for monitoring a large part of the ground quickly and efficiently.

A nano drone, on the other hand, is smaller than normal. It is used mostly by the military to explore spaces without making noise. It is equipped with an HD camera and is equipped with an autopilot function.

Quadcopters can be bought by private individuals for recreation. Their prices range from thirty dollars to several thousand. These units can be bought or built. They are generally used to film landscapes from a new point of view.

These units have a range of about 12 minutes. As with most drones commands, you can take advantage of advanced modes like Return to Home, Watch Me and Follow Me. In addition, they have an HD camera that allows you to make good movies. Different sensors allow the drone to maintain stability regardless of the altitude.

Autonomy is short for mini-drones but they are affordable and suitable for novice pilots.

3 Best Drones for under $50 – 2023
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