9 Best Drones for under $500 – 2022

Best Drones for under $500 for 2022 – find out which top flying quadcopter drones can be purchased for an affordable price. Reviews of DJI, Parrot, MJX and more.

There are several drones under $500 that have all the features you need in a quadcopter. Knowing what you want in a drone helps you narrow down your choices. Whether you are a novice drone flier or a professional photographer and videographer, you are guaranteed to find the drone of your choice within this price range.

Best Drones under $500

Listing of the Best Drones Under $500



This is a smartphone-sized drone that packs superior features, and you can purchase the DJI Spark online. You can install the DJI Go app in your portable device and use it to operate the drone. The hands-free feature allows you to control the drone by waving your hand in the direction you want it to go. The excellent FHD camera comes with a gimbal that allows you to take sharp and clear videos and images even in windy flying conditions. The following are superior features this drone packs;

β€’ Active track and top fly features
β€’ PalmControl and calmly
β€’ 15 minutes flight time
β€’ 2KM operating range
β€’ Spare parts

  • Miniature size
  • FHD camera
  • 2-axis gimbal
  • Large operating range

  • Short flight time

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/dji-spark/

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This is an affordable drone that guarantees raw performance. The superior features this drone guarantees you value for your money. MJX BUGS 2W is a GPS enabled drone that can fly over a wide operating range. It is FPV operated, and it has a high-quality camera that captures sharp and clear images. By purchasing this drone, you get a quadcopter with;

β€’ Long distance video transmission
β€’ Return to home button that operates with or without enabling GPS
β€’ 1800mAh battery
β€’ 15-18 minutes airtime
β€’ 300-500 meters operating range when FPV operated
β€’ 1 KM operating range and failsafe return to home feature

  • FPV operated
  • Full HD camera
  • 1KM operating range
  • Headless mode

  • Short flight time

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/mjx-bugs-2/

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This is a standard edition drone that packs a high-quality camera with wide angle lenses. The removable camera allows you to upgrade to a more advanced camera. With the DJI Go app, you can use your portable devices to operate this drone. DJI PHANTOM 3 packs valuable accessories that deliver excellent performance. Consider purchasing this drone online and enjoy the following superior features;

β€’ 2.7K action camera with wide angle lens
β€’ GPS assisted flight
β€’ Follow me function
β€’ Point of interest camera assist
β€’ 25 minutes flight time

  • 25 minutes flight time
  • Excellent quality camera
  • Can be operated with a portable device

  • No sky controller
  • Limited operating range

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/dji-phantom-3/

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This popular drone is an upgraded version of Parrot’s flagship drone, and it packs superior features. It comes with a built-in 14 MP camera that captures sharp and clear still and motion pictures. You can perfectly capture pictures and record videos even when the drone is high up. Purchasing this drone allows you to enjoy flying a quadcopter as far as 2KM. the following are the features you get with this drone;

β€’ Exquisite design
β€’ High-quality images and videos
β€’ Stabilization system
β€’ 25 minutes flight time
β€’ 2KM operating range

  • Wide operating range
  • Long flight time
  • Camera with a stabilization system

  • No sky controller

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/parrot-bebop-2/

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This Upair One drone is built for aerial photography and videography. It packs a 4K action camera with a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. Buying this drone allows you to enjoy flying a drone with onboard GPS flight assistance. The gorgeous design of this drone, as well as its functionality, make it a worthy investment. The amazing controller is well labeled, allowing you to operate the drone easily. The following are features this drone packs;

β€’ 3-axis gimbal
β€’ 4K action camera
β€’ 15-18 minutes flight time
β€’ Minimalistic design
β€’ Pinpoint feature
β€’ Altitude hold
β€’ Return to the home button

  • All-around drone
  • Suitable for aerial photography and videography
  • Small sized
  • Altitude hold

  • Short flight time

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/upair-one/

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The Hubsan H501S has an incredible amount of features, and it’s price makes it a valuable investment. This GPS-enabled drone can be flown even in windy flying conditions without a problem. The features it packs makes it suitable for aerial photography. It is a miniature sized drone that has a return to home button that brings it back to the launch location. This drone takes exceptional aerial videos with its FHD capable camera. The following are its features;

β€’ 20 minutes flight time
β€’ 300 meters operating range
β€’ Follow me mode
β€’ Altitude hold
β€’ 2700mAh battery

  • Exceptional videos and images
  • Long flight time
  • Follow me mode

  • Small operating range

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/hubsan-h501s/

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The Holy Stone HS100 is a high-quality drone that is both affordable and durable. The great performance and excellent build quality of this drone make it a valuable investment. This drone has a gorgeous design and functional features. This budget-friendly model allows you to enjoy the unique experience of flying a drone as a novice or skilled drone pilot. The following are its features;

β€’ Mid-tier drone
β€’ 12-15 minutes flight time
β€’ 2500mAh battery
β€’ Half a kilometre operating range
β€’ 150 meters operating range when FPV operated
β€’ Motorized camera mount altitude hold that allows the camera to rotate 90 degrees
β€’ Camera with 720p resolution
β€’ Headless mode
β€’ Follow me feature

  • GPS enabled drone
  • Return to the home button
  • Beginner-friendly

  • Short flight time
  • Low camera resolution

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/holy-stone-hs100/

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This is a selfie drone that was built with size in mind. The Yuneec Breeze a miniature drone with outstanding camera quality. The affordable price of this drone allows you to purchase a drone that can take amateur shots on a budget. This stylish selfie drone packs a 4K action camera that captures sharp images. The following are its features;

β€’ Altitude hold
β€’ GPS enabled
β€’ Small size
β€’ 4K action camera

  • Perfect angle shot
  • Exceptional selfies
  • Aerial videos
  • Smooth image quality

  • Not foldable

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/yuneec-breeze-4k/

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This is a foldable selfie drone that packs an excellent FHD camera with a 190-degree lens. The wide viewing angle of the camera allows you to take accurate shots. The small size and affordable price of this quadcopter make it an excellent selfie drone. The following are features of the XIRO XLORER MINI;

β€’ GPS enabled
β€’ 15 minutes flight time
β€’ 100 meters operating range

  • Foldable
  • Miniature
  • GPS enabled

  • Does not offer 5.8G connection

Check it out: https://www.dronesforsalereview.com/quadcopters/xiro-xplorer-mini/

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Drone Selection Tips

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have been built for civilian use. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a drone. Quadcopters come with different specifications based on the purpose they were built to fulfill. Whether you want an X or H shaped quadcopter, consider purchasing a stable and manoeuvrable quadcopter with a gyroscope that measures the drone position.

β€’ Types of Drones

There are four main types of drone in the market, and each one is built to maximize use and experience for the flier. Once you know why you want to buy a drone, you’ll be able to narrow down on the category to select from.

a. Beginner Drones

Beginner drones are entry level quadcopters that are suitable for novice drone fliers. These drones have a short flight range because beginners cannot fly drones too far or they might get lost or damaged. Beginner drones are easy to operate and fly, allowing beginners to practice how to pilot a quadcopter.

The drones are durable and can take a beating without getting damaged. As you learn to fly a quadcopter, there might be minor crashes here and there, and beginner drones are built for this. Spare parts are also readily available so that in case there are any damaged, you have had parts replaced.

b. Hobby Drones

Hobby drones are built for amateur photographers, and because of this, they have more superior features than beginner drones. Their durable quadcopters pack high-quality cameras that can take decent photos and record videos. Drone fliers with a little experience can easily fly these drones without a problem.

The specialized camera as well as the wide operation range allows you to do more with the drone. Hobby drones are mainly built for recreational use and because of this, their design and engineering much better than that of a basic starter quadcopter.

c. Camera/Professional Drones

These are highly prized quadcopters that pack high-end features. The advanced features are suitable for professional photographers and videographers who want to take their art to the next level. Professionals can take incredible footage at complex angles thanks to the high-quality adjustable cameras.

The wider operating range of professional drones, as well as the long flight time, allow you to do a lot with the camera before the battery runs out. These drones pack high tech feature making them worthy investments. As a photographer or videographer, you’ll need to get visuals from different angles, and these drones are guaranteed to deliver.

d. Racing Drones

Judging from their name, racing drones are built for speed. These quadcopters can achieve maximum speeds of 70MPH or 100MPH in the hands of a professional and experienced drone flier. The first person camera gives you the feeling that you’re inside the drone as you fly it. Racing drones are mainly competitively flown by skilled fliers.
If you want to compete and go fast, racing drones are your best bet. The complex controls these drones come with need steady hands and an individual who can manage swift motion. Race drones pack superior flight capabilities that makes flying them exhilarating.

β€’ Desirable Features in a Drone

Once you know what type of drone you want, it is recommended that you have a checklist of the desirable features you want. Even though drones in the same category seem to be alike, there are features that one drone will have and another will miss. The first thing people consider when buying a drone is flight time. The duration of airtime you get from a drone will determine how much fun you’ll have with the drone.

Also, consider looking at how much you are willing to spend and how the prices correspond with the features you want. The flight range tends to correspond with the flight time because the airtime you have will determine how far a drone can go. Beginner drones usually have up to 10 minutes flight time while advance drone can have 25 minutes maximum airtime.

The quality of the camera a drone pack determines the kind of still and motion pictures it captures. If you are looking to upgrade the camera of your drone once you buy it, consider purchasing a drone with a removable camera. A camera that comes with a stabilization system allows you to take sharp and clear images and videos even in windy flying conditions.

β€’ Top Brands

1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

β€’ 907 grams
β€’ Comes with a controller
β€’ Camera with 20 MP resolution
β€’ Foldable design
β€’ 3,850mAh sized battery

2. DJI Phantom 4

β€’ 1380 grams
β€’ Comes with controller
β€’ Camera with 12.4 MP resolution
β€’ 5,350mAh sized battery
β€’ 3.1 miles operating range
β€’ 4K video footage
β€’ Compatible with a smartphone app

3. DJI Spark

β€’ Miniature drone
β€’ Comes with controller-free gesture controls
β€’ Camera with automatic quick shot mode
β€’ 15 minutes flight time

4. Parrot Bebop 2

β€’ 500 grams
β€’ 300 meters operating range
β€’ Camera with 14 MP resolution
β€’ 2,700mAh sized battery
β€’ Comes with controller and headset
β€’ Shake-free video recording

5. DJI Mavic Air

β€’ 430 grams
β€’ Comes with controller
β€’ Camera with 12 MP resolution
β€’ 2,375mAh sized battery
β€’ 4k Video footage
β€’ 21 minutes flight time

β€’ Pricing

Drones are priced based on the features they pack. There are cheap, medium priced and expensive drones. If you want you are an experienced flier, consider medium-sized drones as they guarantee a unique experience. The maintenance cost of the drone you choose to purchase is also a factor to consider as there are drones that need additional accessories for optimum performance. Some of the accessories you can purchase for your drone include;

β€’ Propeller guards
β€’ Extra propellers
β€’ Extra batteries
β€’ Drone carrying case
β€’ Flight recorder
β€’ LED light kit


Different drones have been built for different purposes. Knowing what you want to do with your drone helps you narrow down the choices. Ensure you consider the price of the drone before you purchase it.

9 Best Drones for under $500 – 2022
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