FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

In this article, the author highlights the latest developments in the drone industry, starting with a recent FCC filing for the DJI Mini 3, suggesting that a more affordable version of the Mini 3 Pro may be released soon. The article also mentions UAV Coach’s ongoing 12 Days of Giveaways, where participants have a chance to win drones and other drone-related prizes. Other topics covered include the use of a chainsaw attachment on a drone to fight an invasive fungus in Hawaii, a virtual tour of DJI’s new headquarters, a drone light show mishap in Australia, and a documentary being produced by Women and Drones.

FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

DJI Mini 3 May Launch Soon

The recent FCC filing by DJI suggests that the DJI Mini 3, a less expensive version of the Mini 3 Pro, may be launching soon. A leaked photo of a Mini 3 label shared by drone industry insider @OsitaLV supports this speculation. DJI has followed a pattern of releasing more affordable versions of their drones after the initial launch, as seen with the DJI Mavic 3 Classic and the DJI Mini SE. The potential release of the DJI Mini 3 is exciting news for drone enthusiasts who are looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality and features.

Win a Free Drone, Drone Accessory, or Gift Card During Our 12 Days of Giveaways

UAV Coach is currently hosting their 12 Days of Giveaways, giving participants the opportunity to win drones and other drone-related goodies. The giveaways include items such as gift cards, drone accessories, and even a DJI Avata. These giveaways are taking place from December 1st to December 16th, with the winners being announced on December 19th. To enter, participants must follow UAV Coach on Instagram and meet the specific eligibility requirements for each giveaway. This is an excellent chance for drone enthusiasts to add new equipment to their collection or try out a drone for the first time.

Chainsaw-Wielding Drone Used to Fight Invasive Fungus in Hawaii

Researchers at the University of Hawaii have developed a groundbreaking technology to combat the threat of Rapid ‘Ōhi’a Death (ROD), an invasive fungus that is devastating ōhi’a trees. The device, named Kūkūau, allows a drone to carry a chainsaw for collecting tree branch samples to test for the presence of the fungal pathogen. Kūkūau features a small rotating chainsaw with a robotic gripper claw mounted under the drone. This innovative solution enables researchers to safely and efficiently gather samples, providing valuable insights for monitoring and managing the spread of ROD. The development of Kūkūau showcases the potential of drone technology in addressing environmental challenges.

FPV Drone Tour of DJI’s Sprawling New Headquarters

DJI’s new headquarters, Sky City, located in Shenzhen, China, is an impressive architectural marvel. This sprawling complex consists of two high-rise buildings, one 40 stories and the other 44 stories, and took six years to complete. To give drone enthusiasts a close-up look at their impressive headquarters, DJI has released an immersive FPV drone tour video. Viewers can experience the stunning architecture and expansive grounds of DJI’s headquarters from the perspective of a drone, offering a unique glimpse into the company’s innovative work environment.

FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

50 Drones Fall from the Sky During Drone Light Show

A Christmas-themed drone light show in Perth, Australia took an unexpected turn when 50 drones malfunctioned and plummeted into the Swan River within minutes. Although no injuries were reported, the incident resulted in a significant financial loss for Drone Sky Show, the company responsible for the event. Each drone cost around $2,000, resulting in a total loss of approximately $100,000. The incident highlights the importance of thorough drone maintenance and safety protocols to prevent unforeseen malfunctions during public displays.

Women and Drones Is Working on a Documentary

Women and Drones, in collaboration with Monumental Access, is producing a multi-part documentary that focuses on women in the drone industry. The documentary aims to shed light on the diverse roles women play in various positions within the industry. Sharon Rossmark, CEO of Women and Drones, recently discussed the documentary in a podcast episode with Scott Howe of Commercial UAV News. This documentary offers a valuable platform to showcase the achievements and contributions of women in the drone industry, inspiring the next generation of women drone professionals.

FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

Drone Training

Drone training plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and skilled operation of drones. Whether for recreational or commercial purposes, obtaining the necessary training and certifications is essential. The following are various training options available for drone pilots:

FAA Recreational Flyer Training (TRUST)

The FAA Recreational Flyer Training (TRUST) program is designed for individuals who intend to fly drones for recreational purposes. This online training course covers key topics such as airspace regulations, flight safety, and operating guidelines.

FAA Commercial Certification (Part 107)

For those pursuing commercial drone operations, obtaining a Part 107 certification from the FAA is necessary. This certification requires passing an aeronautical knowledge test that assesses understanding of airspace regulations, flight procedures, and drone operation.

Hands-On Drone Flight Training

Hands-on drone flight training provides practical experience and skills development for both recreational and commercial drone pilots. These training programs typically include flight simulation, drone maneuvering techniques, and emergency response training.

Drone Pilot Skill Builder

Drone Pilot Skill Builder programs offer ongoing training and skills enhancement opportunities for experienced pilots. These programs focus on advanced flight maneuvers, precision control, aerial photography techniques, and specialized industry applications.

Shop Drones

Choosing the right drone is essential for achieving the desired results in aerial photography, videography, or recreational flying. Depending on the intended use and budget, different drones offer varying features and capabilities. Here are some categories of drones to consider:

Best Basic Drones

Basic drones are ideal for beginners or those seeking affordable options. These entry-level drones often feature intuitive flight controls, stable flight performance, and basic camera capabilities. They are suitable for recreational flying and learning the fundamentals of drone operation.

Best Camera Drones

Camera drones are designed for capturing high-quality aerial imagery and videos. These drones feature advanced camera systems, image stabilization technology, and customizable shooting modes. Camera drones are popular among photographers, videographers, and content creators.

Best Professional Drones

Professional drones are specifically built for commercial use and cater to various industries such as filmmaking, surveying, and agriculture. These drones offer advanced flight capabilities, longer flight times, payload capabilities, and thermal imaging capabilities. Professional drones are suitable for demanding applications that require precise data collection or heavy-duty tasks.

FCC Filing Reveals DJI Mini 3

Industry News

Staying informed about the latest developments and trends in the drone industry is crucial for both enthusiasts and professionals. Subscribing to industry news sources provides access to timely updates, informative articles, and expert analysis. Here are some benefits of staying updated with industry news:

Subscribe for Weekly Industry News

Subscribing to weekly industry newsletters ensures you receive curated news directly in your inbox. These newsletters cover a wide range of topics, including regulatory updates, product reviews, industry events, and emerging technologies. It is an excellent way to stay informed and discover new opportunities within the drone industry.

News Categories by Industry

Industry-specific news categories allow readers to focus on the sectors that interest them the most. Whether it’s agriculture, construction, or filmmaking, news categories provide targeted information and insights relevant to specific industries using drone technology.

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News topics categorized by product and service offer readers a comprehensive overview of the latest drone models, accessories, and software solutions. These topics highlight advancements in drone technology, updates to existing products, and reviews that can assist individuals in making informed purchasing decisions.

In conclusion, the drone industry continues to evolve and present exciting developments. From potential product launches to innovative applications of drone technology, there is much to discover and explore. Stay informed through industry news, participate in giveaways, and consider training opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge as a drone enthusiast or professional.

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