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Backyard Revolution Review

An unbiased review of the Backyard Revolution System by Zack Bennet. Does it really work? Is it a scam or legitimate. The truth about Backyard Revolution Exposed.

Thanks to the regular increase in energy charges, an increasing number of people are nowadays opting for solar panels and saving thousands of dollars every year. However, setting up such a unit is quite cumbersome and requires ample space as well. Also, the initial cost is enormous and costs approximately $10,000. Therefore, people nowadays are searching for a different alternative. The “Backyard Revolution,” a revolutionary idea by Zack Bennet, is the perfect solution for them. Apart from being cost-effective, it requires less amount of space, and even people who have limited electrical knowledge can effortlessly set this at their homes. Find below a comprehensive Backyard Revolution review as well as what are its pros and cons.


Those who are reading this review are sick of the regular power blackouts and expensive monthly bills. They have thought about installing solar panels, but they require lots of space as well as hefty initial installation costs. Additionally, one has to spend time and money to maintain the battery attached to the system as well as clean the solar panels. In stark contrast, the main advantage of the Backyard System is that it requires zero maintenance costs. It boasts of a compact design and consists of small-sized solar panels, arranged in a specific manner to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy. The vertically aligned design of this device requires less than 10 feet of space. Unlike solar panels, this device is portable as well.

The overlapping panels of this device allow it to generate double the energy with much less space required by solar panels. Also, the placement of the solar panel is such that they all receive the full glaze of the sunlight. You do not need to be a professional to set up this system, thanks to the included owner’s manual plus detailed manual instructions provided in a .pdf form as well as in a CD form. I strongly suggest that you go through the videos included in the CD as it will ease the installation process plus also give a clear idea of the system. Besides, you will also receive several bonuses, such as reports about Homestead Alternative Sources, Stockpiling Secrets, and protection protocol, which can assist you in building a supportive homestead for your entire family. Once you have gone through the CD, you can set up the system in less than four hours, which is much less than a couple of days required to install a typical solar panel, meaning that you can complete the installation process during the weekend and start saving money immediately. In case you face any problems during installation, contact the developer, and he will send a specialist to help you with the installation process. The cost of the unit includes email access for inquiries for a year after you have purchased and set it up. Additionally, the company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like the device, then you can ask for a refund of the program’s price

You only need an internet connection to download all of the tutorials instantly. The vendor also provides you a tactical flashlight via mail once you have finalized the purchase. If you so want, you can also view the video tutorials online, which means that you can access the tutorials from anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected device. Take your smartphone to the rooftop, follow the tutorial videos, and complete the installation process.

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Benefits of the System

Not all people interested in decreasing their energy bills can install solar panels due to a lack of space and the enormous financial investment involved. However, this revolutionary system, with its pocket-friendly price, allows everyone to set it up on their house. Apart from saving on power bills, you also save the environment from the hazardous carbon dioxide released by diesel generators. Some of the main components required for set up are solar panels, solar controller, battery, power inverter, and pieces of electric wire, all for just an additional $200.

Moreover, expect a reduction of 65% of your power bills, once you set up this revolutionary device. The .pdf file and the CD contains relevant details along with images; therefore, you need not hire a professional to set up the system. During the daytime, the device converts sunlight into electrical energy and stores it into the battery via the inverter. During the night, the inverter converts the 12 Volt DC into 110 Volts AC, which you can use to power lights, fans, and other low wattage electrical devices. For your information, this system uses only 5% of the surface used for installing solar panels, meaning that you can effortlessly put it in the backyard or on the balcony.

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About the Creator

The Backyard Revolution review would be incomplete without mentioning the details of the creator.

Zack Bennett created this revolutionary device so that all individuals could harvest the power of the sun with this cheap and easy-to-follow system. There is an abundance of light energy emitted by the sun that falls on our planet each day. We can use the device created by Zack to convert this light source into electrical energy and use it to power the electrical gadgets in our home throughout the year. Zack resides and works in the Orlando area and is a carpenter by profession. He is also an affectionate husband and a loving father.

His program permits you to start harvesting sunshine to generate electricity locally, meaning you can expect a significant decrease in your energy bills each month.

The inspiration for the Backyard Revolution program was more about self-reliance and survival than trying to save our planet. Bennett still remembers the day robbers entered his house and stole his cash and valuables because of a power outage and since he did not have a security alarm in place, which could alert the police about the robbery. He decided it was time to research on steps that he could take to prevent such a dilemma from taking place in the future. It was during the research that Zack found out about the zig-zag solar panel installation system. He found the system so easy to make and install that he decided to start showing his research to other people so that they too could take advantage of it and improve security in their houses.


The Backyard Revolution Review costs a meager $39, and you can pay via credit card or PayPal. It includes a 2-months guarantee. You can return the system and claim a full refund if you are not satisfied with it. However, I doubt if you will, considering the outrageous prices of solar panels, the enormous amount of space they occupy, their regular monthly costs, and the fact that you have to spend extra money to hire a professional to complete the setup process. By the way, the price includes three bonuses:
• Homestead Alternative Sources
• Stockpiling Secrets, and
• Protection protocol

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PROs & CONs Listing

Everyone in the developed world needs electricity. The revolutionary Backyard Revolution explains anyone how to build a resource, which they can use almost anywhere. It provides you with a reliable power source even if your local grid stops supplying power, and protects your property against burglary during such instances. Unlike other programs, this one contains lots of details, from the tools you will require to the materials you will need. You will also receive details of the dimensions and connections, just follow the instructions. This system is so user-friendly that you do not need previous contracting or construction experience to implement this system on your property. Take the digital shopping list with you to the local hardware shop to purchase all the necessary tools. If necessary, visit another store with the list to buy the solar panels.

• You need to do the installation work
• The guide contains information about what you have to buy and how to build your power supply
You will have to spend time to connect the solar panels to your house. Expect to spend around four hours if you are familiar with the tasks involved. Beginners might take up to two weeks before they can complete their design and complete the installation process. If you do not understand the system, you have to spend money to hire a professional to complete the setup process for you. Remember, this system produces energy so long the sun shines, which means investing more money in an inverter and a battery. Finally, you cannot run high wattage gadgets such as air conditioners and fridges through the power generated by this system.

Those who have used this system have never looked back and recommended it to their friends and colleagues. All of them unanimously stated that they have saved a lot on power bills after installing this system. Quite a few of them use it to power their fans, lights, and alarm systems at night, but use electricity from the grid for running power guzzling devices.

Save money wasted on powering lights, fans, security systems, computers, and televisions without burning a hole in your pocket with the help of this unique course. Sign up for this course now. You will feel the difference the next time you receive your power bills. In all likelihood, you can cover the cost of this course in a month due to reduced energy bills.

Backyard Revolution Review
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