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My Boat Plans Review

Is My Boat Plans worth the money? Is it a scam or legit? Is this guide really going to help you? Can you build your own boat with zero experience? How many designs are available? How long will it take? This My Boat Plans Review will answer all your questions.

Can You Actually Build Your Own Boat with Zero Experience?

Imagine building your own fully operative boat, even a small one. Imagine doing so with absolutely no experience in boat building. That sounds fantastic. Doesn’t it? The good news is that this does not have to be wishful thinking. My Boat Plans will make this a reality.

The Dream of Owning Your Own Boat Can Become a Reality

Everybody has dreams. Many men dream of owning boats. A boat is one of the most masculine possessions.

If you aren’t wealthy and you desperately want a boat, you will have to build it yourself. Martin Reid is here to help you.

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About the Product Creator

Mr. Martin Reid is a master boat builder. He is a registered member of the American Boat Builders Association with over 30 years of experience in boat building.

Reid’s passion for boat building started as a young child. He was always fascinated by things marine. He would stay at the harbor for long and watch the boats bring in the “catch of the day.” Reid’s father noticed his passion and helped him to develop his passion further.

On his birthday, his father gave him boat plans and told him that these plans would help him develop his first model boat. Reid was disappointed. Little did he know that these plans would change his life.

During his childhood, Martin was only able to develop small models. He couldn’t build anything larger because of their financial circumstances. However, his passion kept growing.

Things worked well for Martin. He got a job and made enough money to cover his family’s expenses. For a moment, he seemed to have forgotten everything about boat building.

After the death of his father, Martin made a trip back home. As he was going through his old possessions, he noticed the first boat that he built with his father. That brought back some of the best memories in his life and marked a turning point in his life. At that moment, he realized that he always dreamt about building the “real thing.”

In an effort to actualize his long-held dream, Martin purchased a number of boat plans. However, Martin was frustrated with the plans because they were incredibly difficult to understand. He tried different plans but he was not successful. He was left with a half-finished boat.

Martin was on the verge of giving up. Fortunately, he was introduced to a master boat builder who mentored him to complete his first boat. Without the man’s skills and knowledge, he could never have completed building his first boat.

With time, Martin’s skills significantly improved and he developed more boats. He eventually realized that boat building is not hard if you have a step-by-step approach.

31 years later, Martin Reid is still building boats. He has amassed over 500 boat plans that he is ready to share with other boat building enthusiasts. On top of that, he is including step-by-step instructions with all his plans.

Martin hopes to be a mentor to someone struggling with boat building just like he was mentored to develop his first boat.

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My Boat Plans Features

• Over 500 Plans For Different Shapes And Styles Of Boats

You have a huge selection to choose from. You can decide to build a sail, an oar, a motor, or any other kind of boat.

The detailed boat plans will offer you guidance on cutting patterns, schematics, and material lists.

• Over 40 How-To Videos That Offer Boat Construction Tips

You will get access to over 40 high-quality videos. These will help you to master the art of building your own boat. The videos cover different construction techniques. This is like having a real professional guiding you.

• Instant Download

You will get instant access to all the building guides, construction details, and boat plans on the Members Page. You will view everything and you can decide to print the different plans. Typical boat designers deliver their plans in weeks. In this case, there is instant access.

• Physical Edition Available

The entire package including over 500 boat plans and bonuses, is also offered on DVDs and books at no extra charge. If you have a slow internet connection or you are not a fan of web-based guides, you can obtain the DVD version.

• Free Updates for Life!

New boat plans are usually released every month. You will obtain these free of charge. You can download new boat plans on the Members Page.

• 3D Boat Design Software

This CAD software will enable you to create the boat of your dreams. You can easily create or modify your design.

This is an easy-to-use and feature-rich program. It comes with free tutorials and templates. The software has a multi PC license.

• Boat Building Secrets Book

This book contains secrets from professional boat builders. It discusses the fundamentals and practical details of boat building.

This book has been written by seasoned pros sharing proven and tested advice. It covers a variety of construction techniques.

Hundreds of boat building questions are answered by this book in a clear and refreshing manner.

• Boat Safety Regulations Guide

This is an essential guide that is included with the package. It covers regulations for boat types, usage, length, and engine.

• Members Q & A Forum

The purchase price includes free lifetime access to the Members Q & A Forum. This is where all your questions will be answered by the experts.

By participating in the forum, you will learn new tips, tricks, and techniques.

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PROs and CONs Listing


• Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Instructions

Anyone from any walk of life can build their own boat using these easy to follow instructions. There are several groups of college and high school students that are using these plans to build boats. If they can do it, then you can do it.

• You Don’t Need Any Experience

These plans will guide you by hand until you build your first boat. There is a list of resources that will help you to successfully complete your project.

The guide takes the most difficult topics and breaks them down into simple steps that even a complete beginner can understand.

• Professional Results Guaranteed

These boat plans have been designed to get the job done quickly and inexpensively. You are guaranteed professional results every time. The expert advice offered will make DIY boat building a breeze.

• Detailed Specifications and Diagrams

Detailed specifications, diagrams, and tons of photos make this guide completely “idiot-proof.” Therefore, you will not waste money and time on materials that you don’t need.

The plans are comprehensive to prevent guesswork.

• Save on Construction Costs

You will learn everything that you need to deal with the major and the minor aspects of your project. Therefore, you will do all the work yourself. This will save you costs.

• Simple to Navigate

A search option makes it easy to cross-reference between plans.

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the plans, you can request a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. This allows you to try out the product risk-free.


• Although the plans are easy to understand, you will still need to invest some time to study them.

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This is a lifetime offer that you cannot afford to resist!

Most boat plans cost thousands of dollars and they have little to offer. This one costs only $47. At a measly $47, you will obtain an entire library of high-quality boat plans.

Only $47 will allow you to access over 500 illustrated boat plans. After you purchase this guide, you will never have to buy another guide ever again.

The $47 will also entitle you to bonuses worth over $300.

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What People Are Saying About These Plans

Thousands of hobbyists all over the world have been able to build functional and aesthetical pleasing boats using these detailed plans.

• Todd Silva from Stafford, Virginia, considers this guide to be a must-read before building a boat. He is impressed by the step-by-step photographic instructions and the attention to detail.

• Jacob Dawson from Brighton, United Kingdom, has never regretted buying this guide. According to Dawson, it is money well spent.

Rating: 5/5

Most users of My Boat Plans give it a 5/5 rating because of its detailed nature, high-quality plans, affordable price, amazing support and resources, and wonderful bonuses.

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If you have read this far, you may already be excited with this guide. The best part is that you can do this too. You can build your own boat. It’s easy and you don’t need any experience. Sign Up Today!

My Boat Plans Review
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