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Ultimate Small Shop Review

An unbiased review of the Ultimate Small Shop Course by Ralph Chapman. Does it really work? Is it a scam or legitimate. The truth about Ultimate Small Shop Exposed.

Most carpenters who try to set up shop themselves find that they are limited by a lack of space and cashflow. Happily, these issues are precisely what the Ultimate Small Shop Program addresses. This ebook, which is written by Ralph Chapman, teaches you how to construct a fully functional carpentry shop, regardless of how much space or capital you have available. The author knows all about building carpentry shops, with quarter of a century of experience in this field. The ebook is aimed at both professional and novice carpenters alike, so there is something for everyone. This Ultimate Small Shop review will take a closer look at this course, to see whether it merits your time and attention.

Features of the Course

This program informs novice carpenters about the typical errors that prevent lots of people from succeeding in their woodworking careers. It consists of several modules, which explain different methods to help carpenters who are building a workshop. The first module covers tool selection, which is vital for carpenters, because substandard tools will not work for long and cost you money. Several tools are recommended in this module, along with the tools to avoid. The ‘blacklisted’ tools include the Harbor Freight six Inch Jointer, the 31-255x Delta Drum Sander, the Ryobi Benchtop saw and the Ryobi Detail Sander.

Knowing the correct instruments and tools to use greatly reduces the likelihood of mistakes. The ebook will help you choose all the right tools for your shop. In addition, you will learn little known tips and tricks to maintain the tools and keep them in good working order for many years. For obvious reasons, the manufacturers of these products tend not to reveal this information. The author gives you a comprehensive list of the exact power tools and hand tools he uses himself, complete with a list of suppliers – so you can make wise investments and preserve your precious capital. The suppliers he recommends are reputable and sell the tools for competitive prices. This alone is worth the price of the course.

The second module covers space selection, which is a key element of setting up a carpentry shop. It is important to make best use of the space you have available, to facilitate your work. This module teaches you everything you need to know, to choose the ideal space for your shop. Once you have completed the program, you will be buzzing with ideas for workshops of all sizes — both large and small. The author shows you how to set up shop in your basement, loft space, garage or the corner of your flat. You will discover how to run your operation from different parts of your property.

The third module addresses the layout of your shop. After you have chosen your workshop space and obtained the right equipment and tools, the next task is to decide the best way to arrange everything. You will be able to work more efficiently, if you have your equipment installed in a logical position. Implementing this part of the course does not cost you any money, but it will make a big difference to your productivity. The author provides a number of space saving layouts and floor plans, so you can design your workshop to suit your needs.

The fourth module relates to issues concerning cooling, heating, dust and drying. This is something that all carpenters have to deal with, because — when you use power tools regularly — it can make your workshop uncomfortable and cause a lot of irritation. The ebook shows you how to keep the air clean, even if your ventilation options are limited. Also, it teaches you the best way to keep wood stored for long periods, and where to find high quality heaters to use in your workshop.

The fifth module discusses how to handle the lighting and electricity in your workshop. Obviously, safety is of paramount importance with this, so all customers should read this module carefully. The author covers this complex topic thoroughly, in a step by step manner that is easy to understand. He also shows you how to sound proof your workshop, which is a huge benefit. By the end of this module, you will know everything required to set up a safe, reliable power source that can keep your shop running smoothly.

The final module specifically addresses safety, which is something that should not be overlooked. The advice given in this module should be observed by everyone, to prevent severe injuries while carrying out carpentry work. The ten point checklist provided in this module will help you organize and maintain the right safety procedures for your workshop.

Along with the main ebook, you also get a couple of impressive bonuses with your purchase, including a Deal Alert Service and a Workshop Cheat List. The Cheat List reveals a number of ways to source tools and lumber at extremely low prices. Arguably, this could be sold as a separate product, because the information is so valuable. Ralph Chapman provides his Deal Alert Service to customers free of charge, even though he charges a monthly fee for it elsewhere. These alerts inform customers of discounts on materials and tools that they can take advantage of.

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Benefits of the Course

People who buy the Ultimate Small Shop Program will find it far easier to build a carpentry workshop. The ebook provides practical, real world insights from an expert carpenter. As a result, you can rely on it to assist you through every stage of this sizable task. It explains virtually everything you need to know. The ebook uses straightforward, layman’s language, so you should be able to follow it with no problems.

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The ebook costs just $45, which is a one time charge. After you make your payment, you can access the pdf instantly, and begin to set up your workshop. The course comes with a two month refund guarantee, so you do not need to risk any money to check it out.

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PROs & CONs Listing


-You can download the ebook immediately after payment. There’s no need to wait weeks to receive it through the mail.
-Ralph Chapman goes to great lengths to explain how to choose the best tools for your shop, and why using substandard tools will damage your business.
-The guide shows you where to find the best equipment and tools cheaply.
-It teaches you how to set up a small workshop, even if your budget is small and you have little space.
-Ralph Chapman practices what he preaches, having set up his own workshops using the methods in the guide. Undoubtedly, you will learn much from his quarter of a century of experience.
-The ebook comes with a no questions asked refund guarantee, which means that your money is protected. If the guide does not live up to your expectations, simply ask for your money back and this will be provided.
-Extra bonuses are included with the course, which are extremely useful and detailed.


-The guide is not a shortcut method that allows you to set up a workshop quickly, with no effort. You still have to put in some work to achieve your desired results.

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What Other People are Saying

Many people who purchased the Ultimate Small Shop ebook are extremely satisfied with it. Most online reviewers of this course say that it allowed them to avoid several errors that would have wasted their money. Other reviewers, who never attempted a large project like setting up a workshop before, say that the ebook simplified the process. Negative feedback about this program is few and far between. These days, many vendors of digital courses fail to provide reviews from real customers, and just offer brief comments — with no proof of who said them or where they came from. The customer testimonials for the Ultimate Small Shop are shown on the vendor’s main website, with screenshots of where they originate from. This gives them much more credibility.

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Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Small Shop Course is great for budding carpenters, who want to run their own business, but who do not have much spare capital. If you always dreamed of setting up your own carpentry workshop, there’s no need to let a lack of space or money stop you. Using this course, you can soon have an affordable, small, but fully functional workshop up and running – customized with all the right tools. If you intend to run your own workshop, knowing the common errors and avoiding them is extremely important. The Ultimate Small Shop is a comprehensive carpentry guide that has been painstakingly researched. It contains everything you require to start your carpentry business and learn from other people’s mistakes. For this reason, it deserves a 5/5 star rating. The no quibble refund guarantee removes any financial risk on your part, which makes this a complete no brainer. Purchase this guide today and see for yourself how simple it is to get a workshop set up, if you focus your efforts accordingly.

Ultimate Small Shop Review
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