DBPOWER Predator U842 Drone Review


DBPOWER Predator U842 Drone Review 2019 – is the DBPOWER Predator U842 quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode For Beginners, Big Size Black for Outdoor Use
  • 720P HD CAMERA, RECORD WONDERFUL MOMENTS: Let drone be your eyes, record the wonderful moments life....
  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING IT: Thanks to the headless mode, control of this drone is easy and you...
  • BONUS BATTERY TO DOUBLE YOUR FLYING TIME: Equipped with two large-capacity batteries which can last...

The DBPOWER Predator U842 drone is a large hobby drone aimed at inexperienced drone pilots. It is larger than the Syma X51 quadcopter and packs many great features. Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt Headless Mode that makes flying easier, as well as several other modes to enhance the flying experience. You can fly this drone with either a 2.4GHz remote controller or a smart device, such as your smartphone or tablet. To enhance the flying experience, this drone features FPV real-time HD transmission back to your mobile device. The drone weighs 0.8lbs when fully assembled, which means you have to get a pilot license from the FAA before you fly it. With that in mind, here is a detailed DBPOWER Predator U842 drone review.

Unboxing the DBPOWER Predator U842 Drone

On opening the box, you’ll find the quadcopter and the remote controller. Additionally, you’ll find extra accessories including a 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo Battery, Phone holder with sunshade, Screwdriver, L-Wrench, USB charging cable, 4GB Micro SD card, USB card reader, Instruction manual, 4 propeller guards and 4 replacement propellers.
At this point, it is important to note that the quadcopter does not come fully assembled. More specifically, you will have to install the landing gear and the propeller guards.

Transmitter Controller

The drone comes with a remote transmitter controller, which runs on four AA batteries. Located in the middle of the controller is the on/off button and above it, you have the power LED. On each side of the transmitter, there is a joystick. The left joystick is the throttle and the rudder, whereas the right joystick will allow you to fly your drone in different directions including forward, backward, right and left. Next to the right joystick, you have the trim adjust. At the bottom of the transmitter, you have a backlit LCD display. On the left of the LCD display, you have the Headless Mode (top) and High/Low Speed (bottom) buttons, while on the right the display, you have the Flip Mode (top) button.

Battery Pack

The DBPOWER Predator U842 comes with a 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo battery that delivers a flight time of about 8 minutes with the propeller guards installed. To charge the battery, you have to plug the provided USB charging cable into a 5V, 2Amp USB charger. It takes about two hours to charge the battery completely. When fully charged, the battery LED indicator turns from red to solid green. On the safety front, the transmitter has a low voltage alarm.


This drone comes with a tiltable 720p that you can use to record HD videos at 30 fps or shoot 1280 x 720 JPEG photos at ultra-wide angles. If you want to experience first-person view (FPV) flying, use the Udirc-FPV APP to stream live feed from your smart device. The camera has a micro-SD card slot on the back and the drone’s accessories include a 4GB micro-SD card for storing videos and photos.

How to Fly the Drone

With the charged battery in place, turn on the power on the transmitter and push the throttle joystick up and down. Then, place your drone on a flat surface and then turn on the power switch located at the bottom of the fuselage, allowing your drone to pair with its transmitter. Once your drone is paired with the transmitter, you can take off. The DBPOWER Predator U842 drone 2.4GHz transmitter and has a 4 channel, 6-axis gyro to improve its stability and overall flight capabilities. You can use the propellers or underside LED lights to know whether the drone is facing you or facing away from you. More specifically, the drone has orange propellers and black propellers on the front and back, respectively.

It is worth noting that the DBPOWER Predator U842 Drone has an operating of about 80 meters and offers two speed modes: high and low.

Flying with Mobile Device

If you prefer to fly your drone with your smartphone, scan the QR in the provided Quick Set-Up Guide to install the drone’s app on your smartphone. Then, go into your smartphone’s Wi-Fi setup and connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi SSID. Next, open the app to get a live video stream from the drone’s camera. At the same time, you will be able to fly and control your drone using the virtual controls in the app.

Flight Modes

The DBPOWER Predator U842 drone comes with several automatic flight modes. These include:

Gravity Mode — When you activate this mode, the drone will fly in the direction you tilt your mobile device.
Headless Mode — This mode has intelligent orientation, which makes flying the drone easier and fun. In this mode, you do not necessary to reposition your drone. You simply point the transmitter directly at the drone and then get it to fly in whatever direction you want irrespective of its orientation.

Flip Mode — This mode allows you to flip your drone 360 degrees simpling by pushing the right stick left or right.


• FPV live video stream via smartphone
• Control with a smartphone or controller
• Extra battery included
• 6-axis Gyro Control
• Headless Mode
• One key flips and return functions
• Sturdy and robust design


• Limited operating range
• No GPS
• Average camera
• No gimbal


The DBPOWER Predator U842 is a large, sturdy drone designed for inexperienced drone pilots. It comes particularly assembled, meaning you will have to install several components including the propeller guards and the landing gear. You can fly this drone with either a smart device or the provided transmitter. It comes with a tiltable camera that shoots 720p HD videos and pictures in JPEG format. The drone also offers FPV live video stream option. It comes with several automatic flight modes including Headless Mode and Flip Mode, which allows you to do 360 degrees flips at the touch of a button. Its safety features include an out of range alarm and a low voltage alarm, which allows you to land the drone before its battery dies completely.



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