DJI Inspire 2 Drone Review


DJI Inspire 2 Drone Review 2019 – is the DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter + Zenmuse X5S Starters Bundle
  • Quadcopter is compatible with 5.2K Gimbal Cameras and features CineCore 2.0 Image Processing.
  • Drone supports CinemaDNG and ProRes Recording.
  • Bundle kit drone comes with a Dual-Battery Design.
  • Flying copter features Advanced Obstacle Sensing.
  • Starter kit comes with a 2-Axis Stabilized FPV Camera.

As drones have evolved from military surveillance gadgets to entertainment for children and adults alike, the technology has improved while prices have dropped. Companies and manufacturers are in a race to come up with new and exciting drone technology to set themselves apart in an ever-increasingly competitive market. The original DJI drone was extremely popular with filmmakers due to its high 4K camera quality. When it was released, it cost a pretty penny at $3,000, but as drone technology improved while prices dropped over the last few years, drones of similar camera quality arrived on the scene for less than $500. Not being one to be outdroned, DJI released the second-generation: DJI Inspire 2. Let’s take a nice in-depth look into what it offers and what makes it stand out.

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Features Overview

The Inspire 2 has an impressive list of features.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Inspire 2 is the dual-battery design. Not only does this give the drone double the flying time of many other drones on the market, it also guards against battery malfunctions and provides enough power for the cameras, sensors, stabilizers, and processors.

The Zenmuse camera, for additional purchase, is extremely user-friendly as it easily detaches and can be replaced or upgraded. The Inspire 2 also features a forward-facing FPV camera for easy controlling by the pilot who can see what’s directly in front of the drone while its in the air.

In addition to the impressive battery set up and camera quality, the Inspire 2 has dual-inertial motion sensors, multiple processors, and dual barometers. These things are impressive because they mean the drone is not only easy to fly, but also safe to fly. With the obstacle-avoidance sensors, crashes are easily avoided. The drone can be flown with two controllers and its safety features guarding against impact are a huge plus over earlier and other drone models.

Battery Quality

Even those with the least amount of drone knowledge know how important the battery quality is. The Inspire 2 is a cut above its previous model, especially in terms of battery quality and longevity. The original model and drone models average approximately 15 minutes of flight time on a full charge, while the Inspire 2 boasts as impressive 23 minutes of flight time. The many processing features do drain the battery during flight, so if you are not using the extra features, your flight time can be extended.

When it comes time to recharge the battery, you can expect it to take an hour for a full charge. While an hour charge time is nothing that makes the Inspire 2 stand out amongst other drone models, what does set it apart is the charger dock; you can charge up to four batteries at a time. The dock is sophisticated enough to charge the battery pair at a higher charge so you can get your drone back in the air faster. With the Inspire 2, you will spend much less time waiting for the batteries to charge and more time with your drone in the air.

Build and Design

While the Inspire 2 doesn’t look all that different from its ancestor, DJI did make some valuable design upgrades worth mentioning: obstacle-avoidance system and forward-facing FPC camera. Both of these impressive systems are integrated in a sensor bar mounted on the nose. It contains two laser rangefinders and a small optical lens which both pack a huge functionality punch.

The benefits of obstacle avoidance are fairly obvious: longevity. Less crashes means less damage to the drone’s body and an increased lifespan for the drone as a whole. The obstacle-avoidance system and FPC camera work together so that the pilot can monitor the drone’s location in relation to potentially dangerous objects. Regardless of which direction the Zenmuse X5S camera is facing, the front-mounted FPC camera allows pilots to see what the drone sees.

DJI is known as one of the premier-quality drone builders. The build quality of the Inspire 2 is no exception to that reputation. The drone’s props are secured with an ingenious locking system so they won’t come lose while in the air. The prop arms are constructed from highly-durable carbon-fiber tubing as many DJI drones are. Due to its super design, build quality, and obstacle-avoidance system, the Inspire 2 is unlikely to crash, but if it did happen, only minor damage is likely to occur as the drone is a veritable flying fortress.

In terms of build and design, as always, DJI knew what they were doing. They made some minor tweaks and adjustments to ramp up the Inspire 2 in terms of performance and longevity, while keeping the look relatively the same as the previous generation.

Flight Performance

The DJI Inspire 2 drone is nothing short of a dream in the air. It’s undoubtedly large, which makes it a tad on the heavy side, but despite that, it is just as quick and maneuverable as other smaller models like the Mavic Pro and the Phantom. It takes an extra moment or two to get the Inspire 2 to accelerate due to its size, but once it does, it leaves most other drones on the market behind. It is a reliable, extremely stable, and crash-resistant drone that is an absolute blast to pilot.

The top speed of the Inspire 2 is 58-to-60 miles per hour, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity amongst filmmakers. This speed comes in very handy for filming fast events like sports or cars. If you are piloting with the obstacle-avoidance engaged, the speed does drop to around 45 miles an hour, but that speed is still more than enough and right on par with sensor-aided flight speeds.

The Inspire 2 has a long list of flying features: Waypoint, TapFly, Active Track, Point of Interest, and more. The Inspire 2 also added the impressive Spotlight Pro mode, making it a cinch to film moving objects. The Spotlight Pro feature uses visual-tracking algorithms to lock onto an object during flight; the lock is held despite the flight direction. While other drones would need an independent camera operator, the Inspire 2 needs only a single pilot to operate and engage those impressive features. The Inspire 2’s gimbal movement makes it possible for the pilot to fly the drone around a moving subject or object while the camera stays locked on it regardless of the drone’s position.

Inspire 2’s Camera and Accessories

While the Inspire 2 doesn’t come with an attached camera, it is compatible with a number of Zenmuse cameras that the pilot can select from. The Zenmuse X5S is designed specifically for the Inspire 2 and is a micro four-thirds camera. The X5S is a big improvement on the earlier generations due to its larger sensor and a pixel size of 3.4 microns. The 20.8 megapixel sensor can capture the sharpest of details like few other models can. The colors sensitivity is impressive, and in terms of resolution, the X5S can shoot in 5.3K with an impressive 30 frames a second.

Users can also customize the camera with any one of its eight different lenses raging from 18mm to 90 mm. Keep in mind, though, that the extra lenses do not come with the X5S package so will cost you extra. For serious photographers, it is a worthy investment.

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Pros and Cons


• Dual-camera capability: Zenmuse and FPV
• Dual battery design
• Four-battery charging dock
• Increased flight time
• Decreased battery charge time
• Can film moving objects
• High speed
• Super stable
• Crash-avoidance system
• Durable design
• Autonomous flight capabilities


• Large in size
• Slower to accelerate

What Others are Saying

For those wanting to shoot some average video, many of the Inspire 2’s impressive gimbal movement features, stability, and ability to film moving objects would be wasted. Those individuals can purchase a drone for less money with less features. For those wanting a pro-level drone for filming high-quality events and moving objects, the DJI Inspire 2 drone will meet and exceed their expectations. The Tornado H9 20 from Yuneec is comparable to the DJI Inspire, and it comes with a complete camera system. If you do not want to spend $3,000 for the Inspire 2, plus shell out more money for a Zenmuse camera and additional lenses, the Tornado is regarded as an excellent option.

Final Verdict

Those of us fortunate enough to have had the experience of flying the DJ1 Inspire 2 drone know that it’s one of the best around. The features and specs are top-notch, but what really sets it apart is its longevity and durability. No one wants to fly a $3,000 investment around while worrying the entire time, but DJI has given its pilots peace of mind. The dual battery design protecting against malfunctions and obstacle-avoidance system take the worry out of flying so pilots can fully enjoy the DJI Inspire 2 flying experience and all it has to offer.

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