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DJI Mavic Air Drone Review 2019 – is the DJI Mavic Air quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller - Onyx Black
  • 32.0MP sphere panoramas - In addition to horizontal, vertical, and 180° panoramas, Mavic Air...
  • Lightweight and compact foldable design - You can take it anywhere with you.
  • Supports 4K video at 30 fps - The 12.0MP camera with Adobe DNG RAW support is ready to shoot. The...
  • Control your drone from up to 6562' away - The Mavic Air Intelligent Flight lithium battery provides...
  • Dedicated remote controller- Features a foldable, low-profile, ergonomic design to hold your...

The DJI Mavic Air Drone is a miniature consumer drone whose features highlight DJI’s commitment to advanced technology and innovation. This drone has incredible portability and flight performance. It is a stable quadcopter that hovers at a perfect middle ground and has a 32 MP panoramic camera. DJI Mavic Air can achieve high speeds even in windy flying conditions and capture sharp still and motion pictures. This quadcopter is a valuable investment as it delivers high-end specs at an affordable price.

Specific Product Features

• 8 GB built-in storage, as well as, a MicroSD card slot that gives you enough storage space to store high-quality videos and photos captured by the camera. In case you forget your SD card alone, you can still capture amazing memories.
• 32 MP spherical panoramic camera that captures 12 MP still images that records 4K videos. The excellent quality of these still and motion pictures makes DJI Mavic Air suited for professional videography and photography.
• A compact and foldable design that makes this miniature drone incredibly portable. This is a perfect travel drone as it weighs just 430 grams and it comes with a drone backpack.
• It has 21 minutes of flight time that allows you to capture beautiful scenery before the battery runs out.
• The 4KM operating range that allows you to explore the outdoor beyond what you what your eyes can see.
• Obstacle avoidance enables the drone to automatically chart a different path over or around an object instead of bumping into it.
• SmartCapture gestures allow you to take photos by signaling the drone with your fingers and palms.
• Automated flight modes allow you to fly DJI Mavic Air hands-free without the help fo the controller.

Model Information

The DJI Mavic Air is an all-around drone with powerful capabilities and optimized algorithms. It can obtain a 3D map of the environment and use that information to avoid obstacles and achieve precise hoovering even in unstable flying conditions. The drone, as well as the remote controller, can collapse down in size, allowing you to travel with the drone easily. This is a drone that was built for the outdoors, and the following is what you get in the package when you purchase the drone;
• The DJI Mavic Air Drone
• Battery
• Small carrying case
• Four propellers
• Two sets of propeller guards
• Proprietary charger
• USB-C cable
• Redesigned remote controller


The drone is a valuable investment as it is a sleek and attractive chassis that is compact and foldable. This drone comes with foldable rotor arms, and the controller comes with removable joysticks that take portability to a whole new level. You can easily slip the drone into your jacket pocket, and it won’t weigh you down as it weighs just 430 grams.

The carrying case is a zip-up pack that ensures the drone is secured from falling or damage. DJI Mavic Air is robust and well-built to ensure stability during flight and durability in case of minor crashes. The recessed gimbal is a clip-on camera cover that acts as another layer of protection to ensure the camera is secured in place and is stable during flight.

The white, black and red color that DJI Mavic Air comes in are colors that are easy on the eye, and you could easily spot them in the sky. This drone comes with a USB-C cable that is dedicated to data transfer and a proprietary charger that is used to charge the batteries. The microSD card slot, as well as the 8 GB onboard storage, provides you with enough space to store captured videos and photos.

DJI Mavic Air’s redesigned remote controller has removable joysticks, and it does not have a screen for flight telemetry. However, you can use the foldable clips to attach a portable device to it to watch the live video feeds and have access to all piloting information.
Performance and Control

You will need to download the DJI Go app to connect your smartphone to the drone. For a smooth flight, you can link your phone to the remote controller using Wi-Fi hotspot. The diminutive size of DJI Mavic Air allows it to achieve maximum speeds of 40mph when you activate the sports mode.

This is a beginner friendly drone that has a durable build which can take several minor crashes without it getting damaged. DJI Mavic Air packs a seven-camera vision system, as well as three-direction environmental sensing that ensures smooth flight and unmatched drone stability.

The Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) enables obstacle avoidance so that the drone can automatically chart a different path around or over objects or stop in its tracks to avoid crashing into objects. This feature ensures your investment is protected from damage and that you achieve safe flight.

DJI Mavic Air can survey its surrounding by picking up information about different objects around it. It is perfectly capable of flying in windy flying conditions while remaining remarkably stable. The four kilometers operating range achievable with the remote controller allows you to explore far beyond what your eyes can see.

The controller solely relies on Wi-Fi to on streaming live feeds, and there are no dropouts or delays during transmission. DJI Mavic Air can track up to 16 subjects simultaneously, allowing you to use ActiveTrack mode, QuickShot mode, SmartCapture functionality to operate the drone.


The 32 MP spherical panoramic camera can capture 12 MP still images and 4K videos. The smart capture gesture allows you to a group selfie from the sky, and the onboard 8 GB gives you enough space to use even without an SD card.

The CMOS sensor and 24mm lens of the camera allows you to capture slow-motion 1080p at 120fps footage and add aerial dramatics. The still and motion pictures are detailed and sharp making this camera suitable for filming. With the Go 4 app, you can edit the footage you capture with the drone’s camera.

DJI Mavic Air captures mechanically stabilized 4K footage, and you can achieve dramatic shots even when the drone is flying at high speed. You can use the drone to capture shots of a single object by making the quadcopter fly around it. The 1080p real-time video transmission is pristine and without any delays.

The Fly More Combo

If you are a professional videographer or photographer who’d like more airtime with the DJI Mavic Air Drone, you can opt for the fly more combo that offers extra items in the package that ensure you get more flight time;
• Three batteries
• A travel bag
• One remote controller
• Six pairs of propellers
• Two sets of propeller guards
• Charging hub
• Battery to power bank adapter

• Built for outdoor adventures
• Air vents to keep the drone cool
• Captivating footage
• Long operating range
• Long flight time
• Onboard 8 GB storage
• Can achieve a 3D mapping of its surrounding

• The controller doesn’t come with a display screen

How it Compares with Other Drone Models

For a drone, this small, the DJI Mavic Air Drone is much more stable in air than bigger drones in this price range. When you compare DJI Mavic Air to Parrot Anafi, you notice many similarities including their miniature sizes.
However, DJI Mavic Air can chart different paths around and over obstacle whereas Parrot Anafi does not come with obstacle avoidance capabilities. When buying high-end drones like Parrot Anafi and DJI Mavic Air, knowing that your drone will not crash into objects protects your investment and gives you peace of mind.
DJI Mavic Air also has improved stabilization that Movic Pro, allowing it to capture 360 degrees stitched photos, The DJI Mavic Air Drone offers you excellent video quality, incredible portability and the assurance of investment protection.

What Other People Are Saying

The DJI Mavic Air Drone is a high-end drone that is built for outdoor adventure. This is a suitable travel drone as it has a compact and foldable design that allows you to carry it around without it weighing you down; it weighs just 43o grams.
The 32 MP spherical panoramic camera allows you to capture high-quality photos and capture breathtaking videos. It is possible to take a group selfie from the sky using gesture controls and save your beautiful memories.
This drone can achieve incredibly high flight speeds even in windy flying conditions, and the live video transmission has no delays. The redesigned and improved controller has joysticks that you can screw and unscrew, making it as portable as the drone.
The fly more combo is a good deal, and it enables professional videographers and photographers to get more airtime with this incredibly powerful miniature drone. The DJI Mavic Air Drone gives you value for your money, and the obstacle avoidance feature protects your investment from damage.


The DJI Mavic Air Drone is a small drone with huge ambitions. Its size takes portability to a whole new level, and it achieves incredibly high speeds even in windy flying conditions. This drone packs 4K video recording, and the three-axis gimbal offers the camera a layer of protection and ensures it is held in place. The DJI Mavic Air Drone is a valuable investment as it delivers speed, power, and unmatched stability.

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