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DROCON X708W FPV Drone Review

Drocon Cyclone X708W FPV Drone Review 2021 – is the Drocon X708W quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

The Drocon Cyclone X708W is an entry-level training drone designed for beginners. This easy-to-fly drone retails at just under $50 making it a perfect choice for people looking for an affordable drone. Despite its affordable price tag, the drone comes with a host of automated functionalities such as headless mode, one key return to home and 360° acrobatic flips controls. At first glance, the Drocon X708W is a compact drone that comfortably fits in any backpack. It comes equipped with a 720p shooter for capturing aerial video clips and still images. On top of that, it comes with the Wi-Fi FPV feature which allows you to connect to a smartphone and enjoy real-time video transmission. Here’s all you need to know about this Drocon X708W Drone.

Key specs & features

• 720p HD camera with a real-time Wi-Fi transmission
• LED lights for night flying
• One key return-to-home (RTF) feature
• Dual-speed modes (High and Low)
• Headless flight mode
• 7 to 9 minutes of flight time
• 100 meters flight range

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What’s included in the shipping package?

• 1 Drocon Cyclone X780W drone
• 1 550mAh Li-Po battery
• A set of propellers
• 2 sets of spare propellers
• A USB charger
• 2.4 GHz controller
• User manual & warranty card

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PROs and CONs Listing


• Item is conveniently priced
• Bright LED lights make flying the drone at night easy
• The 3D acrobatic flips feature makes the Drocon X708W one of the most maneuverable entry-level drones in the market
• Drone is extremely easy to operate


• The 7 to 9 minute flight time is far from the best in its class
• Occasional lag while in FPV mode
• The battery takes long to charge ( up to 60 minutes)

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Drocon X708W

What are the warranty terms for this quadcopter?

Drocon offers a 1-year limited warranty for this drone. However, they also provide lifetime technical support for all their units.

Do you require FAA registration before operating the Drocon X708W quadcopter?

You do not need FAA registration since the drone weighs less than 0.5 lbs.

What is the maximum flying distance of the Drocon X708W?

The Drocon Cyclone X708W has a maximum flying range of 80M. The range reduces to 30 meters when you turn on WI-FI FPV video transmission.

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More on the Drone’s features

Design: At first glance, the Drocon X708W is a neat looking drone with its unique combination of sleek black and red colorations. It’s also quite compact measuring in at 16.8 x 9.8 x 4.2 inches. Its streamlined body shape and ergonomic design are meant to reduce air resistance thus vastly improving the drone’s aerodynamics. Its well-engineered body structure makes landing operations both easy and stable. The drone has four LED lights positioned under each arm; two front blue lights and two rear orange lights.

Camera: The X708W rocks a standard 720P HD camera that takes good quality photographs and video despite the low price tag. The camera is built into the nose of the drone to ensure it doesn’t fall off as you fly the quadcopter. The unit supports real-time video and image broadcast via Wi-Fi connection. Smartphone connectivity accords the pilot a see-through-the eyes control when operating the drone.

Flight features: The first interesting feature of the X708W is the headless mode. While on this mode, the front-facing orientation of the drone is disengaged allowing any part of the drone to serve as the nose. New pilots can turn to the headless mode before they fully get accustomed to the controls and drone orientation. Next up is the automatic return-to-home (RTF). Activating this feature enables the drone to return to you when the battery is depleted or when the device goes out of range. With the automatic return, there’s little chance of losing your drone.

Acrobatic 360 degree flips: The drone will perform a series of 360-degree flips along the axis of its propellers. The flips are not only entertaining and fun to watch but can also produce fantastic footage as well.

Battery and flight time: The X708W comes with a swappable 550mAh Li-Po battery. When fully charged, the battery can keep the drone aloft for an average of 8 minutes. Charging the battery takes roughly 60 minutes but the fact that its swappable means you can carry as many spare batteries as you want.

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Drocon Cyclone X708W compared to other drones

Drocon X708W vs. Drocon Blue Bugs

Like the X708W, the blue bug is also an entry-level drone meant for beginners and novice pilots. However, there are some key differences between the two units. For example, while the X708W comes with brushed motors, the blue bugs with its 1800KV brushless motors is the more powerful of the two. Though both units come with cheap cameras, the Blue bugs takes it a step further by allowing users to mount GoPro and other action cameras. The Blue Bugs is also the clear winner when it comes to flight time; its 1800mAh battery averages 18 minutes of flight time compared to 8 on the X708W.

Drocon X708W vs. VISUO XS812

Both models retail for less than $100 making them an ideal choice for people looking for a low-cost introduction to the world of quadcopter flying. However, the VISUO XS812 has the edge when it comes to features; its GPS positioning system is a steal for at this price range. Furthermore, the VISUO XS812 gives users more flexibility when it comes to camera systems because it can support both 720p and 1080p versions. While the X708W can do 360-degree acrobatic flips, the VISUO XS812 boasts intelligent modes such as way-point, circle hovering and follow me. Both units have Wi-Fi real time image transmission and multiple speed modes.

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Consumer reviews

The biggest selling point of the X708W happens to be its attractive price tag. At just under $50, many people find it the ideal quadcopter to practice drone piloting and aerial photography. It’s easy to operate controls make it easy to learn for both kids and senior adults. The 2 pairs of spare propellers included in the shipping package are a deal breaker for many people. However, the drone falls short in the flight times category. Its 8 minutes flight time is only average even for an entry-level quadcopter.

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Though the drone has limited functionalities and an average camera, its low price tag makes it a worthwhile investment for people getting into drone piloting and aerial shooting. The drone is well-designed and boasts a high-quality body construction. Headless mode and return to home are welcome features that many beginners will appreciate. Though there are other entry-level beginner drones with better flight times, you’ll be hard pressed to find a drone with easier controls and better maneuverability than the X708W. All in all, the Drocon X708W performs as advertised and I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap beginner drone.

5 (100%) 12 votes
8.4Expert Score
DROCON X708W FPV Drone Rating
Overall Rating
  • Item is conveniently priced
  • Bright LED lights make flying the drone at night easy
  • The 3D acrobatic flips feature makes the Drocon X708W one of the most maneuverable entry-level drones in the market
  • Drone is extremely easy to operate
  • The 7 to 9 minute flight time is far from the best in its class
  • Occasional lag while in FPV mode
  • The battery takes long to charge ( up to 60 minutes)

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