Eachine Wizard X220 Drone

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  • Light Streamlined Design
  • Ideal for Racing
  • Led Light for Night Flying
  • Durable



Eachine Wizard X220 Drone Review

Eachine Wizard X220 Drone Review 2023 – is the Eachine Wizard X220 quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

If you are new to FPV drone racing, choosing the right drone can be an overwhelming task. Ready-to-fly drones don’t enjoy the same reputation as camera drone; mostly because most RTF racers lack the advanced features and quality cameras of the FPV camera drones. Eachine has been hard at work over the past few years trying to improve the FPV racing concept by constantly tweaking designs and strengthening the frames. As a result, the Wizard X220 is a culmination of all the experience and innovation the company has gained over the years. The drone is an upgrade over the Eachine 250 and Eachine falcon in that it sports a carbon fiber X frame which is a game changer when it comes to competitive racing. On top of that it boasts a 700 TVL camera capable of taking amazing low light shots. Here is a detailed review of the Eachine wizard X220 drone


• 1500mAh 3S Lipo battery
• 10 to 12 minutes of flight time
• 700 TVL CMOS camera unit with 127° FOV
• Carbon fiber X frame with 4mm arms
• 4 x MN2205 2300Kv motors
• 5-inch tri-blade props
• 220mm (size rotor to rotor max diameter)
• Gyro and accelerometer sensors
• 200 mW 48-channel VTX with 5.8 GHz

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PROs and CONs Listing


• The drone is easy to mod and tweak to suit a racer’s preferences
• The new carbon fiber X frame is ergonomic and durable as well
• The spare props and protective side frames are a welcome addition
• Its XT-60 battery connector is compatible with a vast majority of batteries
• The rubber grommets provide essential protection to the VTX antenna and cables against vibrations


• Motor bearing quality is wanting
• There’s no built-in battery voltage monitoring unit
• The unit is hard to disassemble

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What’s in the box?

• One 220mm frame
• CMOS flight camera
• 2 pairs of prop nuts
• 48-channel transmitter
• SPRacing F3 drone controller
• 4 X MN2205 motors
• Carbon fiber prop wrenches, 10 pairs of purple 5 by 4 by 3 propellers and dipole antenna
• Foam bumpers (4), LED boards (4), 12 screws and nuts

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Drone configurations

The wizard X220 is available in two major configurations; ARF (Almost ready-to-fly) and RTF (ready-to-fly). With ARF option, you will have to install your own receiver and pair it with a radio. On the other hand, the RTF version comes with a radio control transmitter and receiver out of the box. You will only need to charge its battery and it’s good to go.

X frame design

The wizard looks stunning with its black X frame and purple overtones. The frame serves an important purpose in that it improves weight distribution which further improves the drone’s aerodynamics. Its carbon fiber finish enables the drone to withstand crashes which translates to fewer repairs. Furthermore the X configuration vastly improves pitch and roll control especially in tight turns making the wizard X220 more maneuverability compared to previous models. Motor protectors come installed out of the box and they play a vital role of minimizing impact in event of crash landings. However, there’s always the option of removing them to reduce weight. The beauty about Eachine’s drones is that they are easy to upgrade and repair. With that said, there’s always the option of swapping the wizard’s components with more powerful market alternatives.

Powerful motors

Both the RTF and ARF configurations come with four MN2205 2300Kv brushless motors. Two of these are clockwise (CW) with the other two marked as counter clockwise (CCW). During installation, it’s recommended that you pair a CCW motor with a clockwise propeller and a CW motor with a counter-clockwise propeller to prevent the props from loosening during flight. The brushless motors are quite robust with each motor capable of producing a maximum thrust of 440g which is more than enough to lift and keep the X220 aloft.

The adjustable camera

The 700 TVL camera on the wizard X220 is perfect for entry-level racing. It boasts a wide field of vision of up to 127 degrees which comes in handy when negotiating tight turns. It’s also capable of taking some amazing low light footage. The camera is mounted at the front of the frame where it moves freely on the adjustable angle mount providing racers with added flexibility. The video transmitter is conveniently connected to the antenna; the rubber grommet between the transmitter and the carbon fiber frame do an excellent job of eliminating vibrations. There’s also the option of mounting a GoPro action camera though the added weight of the camera is likely to affect the speed and stability of flight.

Ground station and controller

Both the RTF and ARF versions of the Wizard X220 come with a 2.4 GHz FS-i6 six-channel remote controller. The controller connects seamlessly with the drone and is also easy to program. The unique ID feature allows you to connect it to several drones.

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Eachine Wizard X220 compared to other drones

Wizard X220 Vs. Helipal RX122 Atom

The Helipal RX122 Atom is the smaller drone weighing in at 215g compared to the x220’s 535g. When it comes to battery life and flight time, the wizard X220 is the clear winner. Its 11v 1500mAh 3S lipo battery delivers flight times of between 10 to 12 minutes compared to the 6 minutes flight time from the 14.8v 600mAh battery in the RX122 Atom.

Eachine assassin Vs. Eachine wizard X220

While the wizard X220 only has gyro and accelerometer sensors, the Eachine assassin takes it a step further by adding on barometer, GPS and compass sensors. Both units have small brushless motors which deliver a lot of power for lift off and speedy maneuvers. Both units come with LED Lighting in four different configurations; tail lights, headlights, turn and stop-go. The assassin makes do with a 520 TVL camera with night vision while the Wizard X220 rocks the 750 TVL version.

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Consumer Reviews

Many people seem to love how well-designed the wizard X220 is given its low asking price. The four LED lights on each motor come in handy in helping pilots understand their drone’s orientation. The ability to upgrade the drone by adding the latest modes is a real-game changer for many pilots. There’s even talk of some people managing to tweak the device’s software to suit user needs. However, there are a few reported shortcomings of the wizard X220. Feedback on the stock PIDs is underwhelming and leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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The wizard X220 offers excellent value for money with its solid and well-engineered design. Its motors deliver plenty of power while the triple-bladed props provide ample lift. Furthermore, most of its shortcomings can easily be remedied by applying some basic upgrades and modifications. Flight performance is impressive for a drone of its class. All in all, the Eachine wizard X220 is an excellent drone for novice FPV pilots.

Eachine Wizard X220 Drone
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6.5Expert Score
Eachine Wizard X220 Drone Rating
Overall Rating
  • Easy to mod and tweak to suit a racer's preferences
  • Frame is ergonomic and durable as well
  • Spare props and protective side frames are a welcome addition
  • Motor bearing quality is wanting
  • There's no built-in battery voltage monitoring unit
  • The unit is hard to disassemble

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