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Force1 F100 Ghost Drone Review 2019 – is the Force1 F100 Ghost quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

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Drones are in vogue. People belonging to different professions and with varied interests are buying drones. The market offers quite a few options, which is good news. But that also means picking the right drone is a bit of a complicated process. In this article, we’ll take a good look at the Force1 F100 Ghost drone and find out what it’s all about.

Drone Highlights

The Force1 F100 is ideal for different kinds of pilots. Its highlight features are quiet flight (thanks to the brushless motors), on-board camera mount, budget price, long flight time, and lightweight body that contributes to the flight time. The flight time of up to 15 minutes means you can take a lot more pictures and execute more stunts with the drone. Not to mention, the intuitive control scheme facilitates 360-degree flips. Long story short, both new pilots and seasoned professionals would be able to extract a significant amount of performance from this drone.

Box Components

The Force1 F100 comes packed with almost every component you would require for a basic flight, along with some extras that should help extend the drone’s stay in the air. The box comprises the drone itself, camera, remote control, a couple of batteries, camera mount, four spare propellers, four high landing gears, balance charger, four propeller guards, wrench, small screwdriver, and an instructions manual.

Feature Description

Under $200, Force1 F100 is a potent drone. It’s feature-packed, which includes:

• Full HD Removable Camera

The drone has a camera mount and an action camera that is capable of 1080p video recording. The mount is compatible with quite a few third party camera models, such as the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3.

• Incredibly Quiet Motors

Most companies have cut down on the noise their drones make. But the Force1 F100 takes that to another level; and for a sub-$200 drone to do that is quite a feat. This lack of noise ensures you do not have to put up with the annoying motor sound when capturing video. As a result, capturing true nature sounds become easy.

• Multiple Speed Modes

The F100 has different speed modes. There is low-speed mode for beginners so that they don’t crash the drone in their very first flight; and high-speed mode for people who know how to fly drones and want to get a bit more adventurous.

• Brushless Motors

The brushless motors provide a smoother flight and more precise control. This means a light tap on the controls would not result in the drone falling off its intended path.

• 360-Degree Flips

A 360-degree drone flip is a feature that would come in handy when you want to get acrobatic with your drone and impress people around.


• Great value for the price
• Has four spare propellers
• Responsive controls
• 360-degree rolls
• Works right out of the gate
• Easy to fly
• Quiet flight
• Easy set up and disassembly


• Replacement parts aren’t easy to get
• Finicky remote controller
• Pairing could be difficult
• May not work with all action cameras


As aforementioned, the F100 package has an action camera packed in. Though the camera doesn’t compete with the likes of a GoPro, it still manages to capture some decent 1080p shots. This removable camera is made specifically for recording aerial videos. Moreover, the secure camera mount ensures you need not worry about the camera popping off mid-flight. The camera makes sure you can use the drone to record video even if you don’t have a GoPro already or the money to buy a new one.

Remote Control

Flying this drone with a remote controller would come easy for anyone who has played video games before. The controller is straightforward and works well. It fits well in your hand, and getting the hang of the different buttons and their functionalities should not take too long.

The layout is simple too. The left stick manages the rudder and throttle. The right stick controls flight direction. Below the control sticks reside sliders to control leftward/rightward trim and left/right direction. The control sticks have sliders between them that control backward and forward trim. The controller also has a power switch right in the middle.

The shoulders of the controller have four buttons. The leftmost button helps switch between low and high speed. The button right next to it is used to unlock and lock the drone. The button on the right internal shoulder lets the drone to flip 360 degrees. And the fourth button helps toggle videos and photos on and off.

Setup and Flight

Before you fly the drone for the first time, you must set the drone up first. The setup process would entail laying out all components from the box. If you are not sure how the setup works, the clear and easy-to-comprehend instruction manual would help. Not to mention, all the tools you require for putting the drone together would be in the box.

The landing gear, propeller guards and rotor must be manually attached before starting. You may even attach the camera mount. But if you have never played with a drone before, it’s recommended you reserve the camera mount for subsequent flights.

The drone is large and not ideal to fly inside. Therefore, head outdoors for its initial flight. Try flying the drone on a clear and sunny day, as even minimal breeze would throw the drone off its course. Also, look for a place that’s devoid of trees so that there are no tangling issues.

The first flight would entail pairing the drone using a remote. This is accomplished by pressing the remote’s red button and turning the drone on. The pairing process would take little time, and if there are any issues during pairing, those could be resolved by simply turning the drone and controller off.


The Force1 F100 is not perfect. However, for the price, it’s great value. The drone is not for everyone, and quite a few people would find it lacking in different ways. If you are buying their first drone, you would most probably like the F100. If you know a thing or two about drones and have played with quite a few before, just go through the specs and reviews of this drone so that you’re sure you’re getting what you truly want.

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