GoolRC T33 Drone Review


GoolRC T33 Drone Review 2019 – is the GoolRC T33 quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

GoolRC T33 WiFi FPV 720P HD Camera Quadcopter Foldable G-Sensor Mini RC Selfie Pocket Drone Height Hold One 2 Batteries
  • PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHY PRODUCER:720P camera with Wifi real-time transmission FPV system, allows you...
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  • FOLDABLE DESIGN:Foldable arm design provides great portability, just need to tap on both sides, and...
  • HEADLESS MODE: By using Headless, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. The...
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The GoolRC T33 is Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

The GoolRC T33 drone is a lightweight quad-copter selfie drone that is designed and marketed to fit into the low-cost, fold-able drone segment. Despite its small size and easy to swallow price tag the T33 comes packed full of technology and advanced features that are commonly found in the higher-end models. All in all this brand gives the user more free accessories; boasts more pros than cons; offers more bang for the buck over its competitors; and has a ton of real reviews that seem to agree that it is worth the cost. Actual owners, professional reviewers and critics alike have generally positive things to say for this particular model of fold-able drone.

The GoolRC T33 Drone: What it’s made of

Understanding how this drone works and where it stands among the GoolRC product offerings will help you decide if this model will meet your drone needs. When in its folded state the T33 stands at 3.8cm wide, 15cm long and 9.6cm tall. When opened to its flight position it stands at 15cm wide, 15cm long and 2.7cm tall with a wingspan of 18.7cm from corner to corner. As a quad-copter it has four rotors, each turning a tri-blade propeller which is surrounded by protective shrouds to shield the blades when the drone makes contact with objects during flight. The T33 comes with two 450 mAh batteries which are fully charged after forty-five minutes, each battery is good for anywhere between six and eight minutes of flight after charging. The radio signal range for controlling the drone is approximately forty meters and it has a similar transmission range for photos. Internally the T33 is equipped with a 720p camera, Wi-Fi system, G-sensor mode, altitude hold mode and one touch takeoff and landing operations. Considering that this drone costs less than a family meal at KFC, this model is impressively equipped with an array of high-tech features.

The Pros and Cons of the GoolRC T33 Drone

After an in-depth GoolRC T33 drone review it is clear that the product offers a great value to the shopper looking for an entry level or beginner drone. I found some of the features most impressive and worthy of making it onto the pro’s side of the list. The designers installed guards around the propellers to protect them in the event the drone is piloted into an object like walls, trees or people. It can simply bump the guard rails without interfering with the propeller’s rotation and its ability to maintain flight. Secondly is the fold-able/ collapsible design which allows it to be quickly and easily halved in size and tucked into a bag for transporting. With the small folded size the T33 is one of the most versatile and handy drones in that segment. The company clearly knows that the battery life is underwhelming at best and they include a second battery at no charge. This allows the user to keep one charged while the other is in use, minimizing the downtime. The controller has an accordion style design that opens and allows for various sized phones to be mounted in the center and used to control the drone. Certainly no drone in the 21st century would be a contender without some wireless technology and the GoolRC T33 doesn’t miss a beat with built-in Wi-Fi, radio signal and photo transmission capabilities. In addition the T33 is capable of autonomous actions like taking off and landing which can be ordered by touching one button. Lastly for the pros side I must praise the cost. The T33 is relatively cheap compared to the the typical drone equipped with similar technology. While this list is not by any means exhaustive of the features of the T33 it does highlight some of the best features.

With that said, the GoolRC T33 does have some drawbacks. I found the following issues detract from the overall score of this unit:

• Small capacity batteries
• Very short in-air time
• Relatively short range radio signal

But How Does the T33 Stack Up to Other Drones?

Obviously the scales of value are tipped in favor of the GoolRC T33. If you understand that this model is intended to be an entry level product used as a jump off point for learning to fly drones the drawbacks don’t seem all that bad. In many ways this unit is equipped as well as or better than many comparable models in the same price range. The overall size, durability and camera quality are pretty much on par with the other offerings available so it doesn’t win in those areas. The designers certainly looked at the competition when they were making the T33 and many of the small details are actually improvements over other models. Examples of this are the propeller guards and the autonomous takeoff/ landing feature. During this GoolRC T33 drone review I noticed that the prices are fairly equal with a few exceptions. Overall the T33 has more features, technology and forward design functions than the majority of competitors in their price range.

The Verdict is In on the GoolRC T33

Now that consumers have purchased, explored, broken, fixed and put the GoolRC T33 to the proving grounds the consensus seems to be that it is a fair buy if you are in the market for a beginner level drone that wouldn’t break the bank to replace. It is the perfect vehicle for children or those new to the dynamics of flight and wanting to learn to become a better drone pilot. The advanced tech features are enough to satisfy the most savvy user but simple enough to be taken advantage of by the push of a button. The camera quality is good enough to send back stunning images from endless new angles and with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities your smart phone immediately receives the data and stores it for later review. Don’t forget that the same smart phone can be fitted to the controller and tilted to steer the drone and give it various commands. The GoolRC T33 is so well thought out that it has many people wondering why other companies don’t take the same initiative and create high tech yet affordable versions for every audience.

GoolRC T33 Drone
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on November 4, 2018
Based upon feedback submitted by over 60 customers the GoolRC T33 Drone has received a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. We discuss why in this review article.


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