Holy Stone HS120 Drone Review


Holy Stone HS120 Drone Review 2019 – is the Holy Stone HS120 Drone worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

Quadcopters are popular nowadays, and Holy Stone HS120 is one of the most popular drone manufacturers in the market. This is because they make the best and most interesting drones on the market. The drone is one such drone that packs the latest features to ensure you have an immense flight experience. Aside from affordability, the drone’s performance makes it a worthy investment. Thanks to the latest technology incorporated during the fabrication of this drone, it features a unique modern design that is not only aesthetically appealing but also meant to survive several crushes. Not to forget that it is made from lightweight but strong plastic that guarantees its durability. This Holy Stone HS120 Drone Review will elaborately illustrate why it is a great choice for both beginners and professional drone pilots.

Specific Product Features

• The drone comes with a 3.7V 750mAh LiPo battery for the quadcopter, and you need to purchase four 1.5V AA batteries for the transmitter.
• You get to enjoy seven minutes of flight time with the camera mounted, but it can extend to ten minutes if you choose to fly it without a camera.
• The charging time for this drone’s battery ranges between 60 to 90 minutes.
• It features a headless gyro mode-also known as the carefree mode-which allows you to fly the drone forward based on your forward direction regardless of whether the drone is facing the same direction or not. Holy Stone has leveraged advancements in miniaturization control technology to ensure you have a seamless flying experience.
• The controller operation range is 50-100 meters, allowing you to enjoy flying the drone over significant distances without it getting out of sight.

Model Information

The Holy Stone HS120 drone is a WiFi FPV drone with app control which allows you to connect
the quadcopter with your mobile device. Aside from app control, another impressive feature of
this drone is the FPV real-time transmission that’s enabled by the built-in WiFi module.

When you purchase the drone, the package comes with the following;
• One Drone
• One transmitter
• One phone holder
• An SD card reader
• 4 GB SD memory card
• One LiPo Battery for the quadcopter
• A USB charging cable
• A screwdriver
• Four extra propeller blades
• Four extra propeller guard screws
• A user manual


This drone comes in red and white which allows you to see your quadcopter even when it’s in air. This colour is not only easy on the eye but it also resistant to fading. The drone is a lightweight drone that weighs just 4.45 ounces. Even though the material used to build is lightweight, it is a strong plastic that guarantees durability. You can now fly your drone without worrying that it will crush from a few falls.


The drone comes with a 75⁰ angle adjustable HD WiFi camera. The built-in WiFi module allows you to see exactly what your camera sees. With app installation, you can easily view the live video on your mobile device. You can leverage the automatic altitude hold to capture impressive aerial videos and photos. You can choose to remove the camera to enjoy longer flight time or use the drone to capture images and videos.


This is an easy, safe and fun drone to fly as it packs the latest technological advancements. It is suited for both beginners and professional drone pilots. Due to its small build, you can easily carry it with you for adventures away from home.

It packs the latest 6-axis flight control system that not only guarantees stable flight but impressive performance as well. It is a live video RC quadcopter that is suitable for aerial photography. The video recording modes guarantee you 1280 × 720p video clarity, and the headless gyro mode allows you to fly the drone based on the direction of the transmitter.
This drone packs

Battery Life and Flight

The 3.7V 550mAh battery allows you to enjoy 8-10 minutes of flight time. The package comes with a USB charging cable that ensures you can easily recharge the drone and continue having fun with it.

Consider removing the camera when you are not using it to enjoy a maximum of 10 minutes of flight time. The powerful battery charges for only 60-90 minutes and its excellent quality ensures you don’t have to replace it soon after you purchase it.

You can achieve a 3D flip with this ergonomically designed drone. Besides, the controller packs an LCD screen that allows you to clearly controls. The LED lights on the quadcopter allow you to enjoy flying it in the evenings and at night as well.

• The drone offers FPV real-time transmission thanks to the built-in WiFi module
• The automatic altitude hold allows you to capture impressive images and videos
• It is 3D VR set compatible, and this feature guarantees an immense flight experience
• It is an easy, safe and fun drone to fly
• The instruction manual that comes with this drone is elaborate and easy to follow
• This drone has got delicate components
• The landing gear doesn’t lock in very well when the drone goes into the air

What Other People are Saying

The package is aesthetically appealing, and everything is straightforward out of the box. You get a screwdriver that gives you an easy time assembling the quadcopter. This is a high-quality drone that is suitable for beginners who want to learn who to fly a drone. You can then upgrade to a much more powerful drone after you polish your drone flying skills.
The camera takes decent videos and images thanks to the drone’s altitude hold. You can release the throttle stick and have your drone hovering at its current height. In case of any issues with your package, the friendly Holy Stone customer support will be sure to offer you all the assistance you need.

Comparing Holy Stone HS120 to Holy Stone X400

Since these drones are from the same manufacturers, they have many similarities ranging from HD cameras, adjustable throttle to their small size. Holy Stone HS120’s flight time is, however, two minutes longer than what you get with the Holy Stone X400.


Holy Stone HS120 is an amazing drone that gives you the opportunity to learn how to fly a drone with an entry level quadcopter that features superior features.



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