Holy Stone HS210

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  • 21 Minutes Flight Time
  • Easy to Play
  • Won’t Lose Direction
  • A Great Gift for Kids

$34.99 $27.99

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Holy Stone HS210

$34.99 $27.99


Holy Stone HS210 Drone Review

Holy Stone HS210 Drone Review 2022 – is the Holy Stone HS210 quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

Priced at $35.99, the Holy Stone HS210 drone is not just a standard toy-grade drone in this price range. This exceptional drone is remarkably crafted with a complete package set, including a professional transmitter that is well beyond its price range. Built with high-quality material, this drone is durable and has a neat set of features that make it beginner friendly. The HS210 is positioned as a serious contender for hobbyists and beginners alike.

When the package is opened, you will find that the parts and accessories are nicely stored in their respective places. The box is small in size and makes for a decent carrying case. The previously-mentioned transmitter is small and professional looking. In contrast to the majority of toy-grade drones like the IN 1802 Drone and the X12 Drone, the transmitter of the HS210 is simpler, nicer, cleaner and more professional. In addition, it does not have trimming buttons and this makes the experience of flying the drone an absolute breeze.

Design and Build Quality

The HS210 looks like a revised version of thee JJRC H38. This is particularly true for some of its features but with a more professional style and a different color. Additionally, it even has a very similar build layout as some of the other drone models. However, what makes the HS210 drone unique and more impressive than other comparable drones is its remarkable quality. You might be surprise to find out the reason for this.

This awesome little quadcopter is sufficiently small to fit in the palm of your hand. Beneath the body is an empty space designed to store the battery. This place is where you will be able to insert the charged battery and attach it to the battery plug of the drone. However, there is a minor drawback in the battery wire is exposed; basically, the wire hangs out a bit too loosely.

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Remote Controller

The power button is located at the bottom of the transmitter. The left button is used to control automatic takeoff and landing. The right button operates the headless mode — the headless mode is essentially a beginner-friendly feature that is used to switch the control orientation from the quadcopter to the levers. Rather than flying in the direction in which the drone faces, the drone flies according to the direction in which the levers are being pushed. This awesome feature makes the process of flying a lot easier for beginners to master the art of operating a drone. This is definitely a very nifty feature.

Two of the other features on the remote are the speed mode and the 360-degree flip mode. The left shoulder button is used to control the speed mode, which is comprised of two levels of speed. Not surprising, the beginner mode is found on the lowest speed setting and it provides new users with the opportunity to practice and master the controls before moving forward. Once you have achieved a certain level of skill and you feel comfortable to up your game, you have the option of switching to high speed to give yourself more of a challenge. You might be happy to know that a number of flyers have reported that that they had no issue when they flew the drone outdoors in light wind.

If you would like to carry out quick tricks, you will find the 360-degree flip mode on the right shoulder. If it is pressed while the drone is being flown in any direction, the drone will perform the flipping trick. However, you should bear in mind that as the battery gets lower, the effectiveness of these 360-degree tricks will get weaker and less impressive. This is something that is totally normal with all drone models.

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PROS and CONS Listing


β€’ Durable
β€’ Quality crafted
β€’ Long flight time
β€’ Affordable
β€’ Extremely fun
β€’ Beginner friendly
β€’ Super easy to fly


β€’ No camera
β€’ Weak wind resistance
β€’ Limited control range
β€’ Limited features

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When going through your package, you will realize that there are a number of accessories included. The package contains 3 batteries, which is totally impressive. On average, each battery delivers roughly between 6 and 7 minutes of flight time; therefore, with the batteries, you will be able to fly between 18 and 21 minutes.

This eliminates the need to wait around impatiently while the batteries are being recharged. You will be able to maximize your fun with this drone. You will also be able to extend your flight sessions even further by purchasing additional batteries.

In addition to the batteries, the package contains two USB charging cords that enable you to charge the batteries at a faster speed, which is just awesome. There are additional propellers, a spanner and screwdriver to replace the propellers.

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The performance of the HS210 drone is another thing to talk about. Its performance is among the key factors as it relates to shopping for an ideal drone. In fact, you might be quite surprised to discover why the HS210 is quite the remarkable drone to have when it comes to performance. One of the big reasons is that you do not have to trim in order for the drone to be stabilized. This is a huge change from older models that use this feature.

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Durability and Flight Time

You should have no problem flying this Holy Stone drone right as you take it out of the box. On its first flight you will find that it doesn’t drift around that much and typically stays in position; however, its movement has to be adjusted from time to time. A single, fully-charged battery keeps it running for a max of 7 minutes, which is exactly the flight duration advertised on the product page. You will have lots of fun flying this copter around a room or in the great outdoors.

Holy Stone got it right with this nice color combination. The LED lights on the drone are actually a feature designed for visual positioning. This is useful when flying the drone both indoors and outdoors, particularly when it is being flown in the dark. In addition, the Holy Stone HS210 drone is also equipped with built-in guards designed to safeguard the propellers.

However, I would recommend that you bundle the wire together with electric tape to prevent it from hitting the propellers. Once it is tweaked, it will not be an issue. When powered on, two LED lights come on that flashes red and green.

The drone is designed to ensure safe operation since it is highly likely that before you master the art of flying it, you will crash the drone a few times, especially in the very beginning. As such, the built-in guards on the drone absorb the shock of a crash to lessen the damage. I purposely crashed the drone a few times and no scratch was on it. The fact that it has the capacity to withstand crashes at its price range is one of the things that makes it an impressive drone.

Additional Details

Considering how small it is and the limited power it wields, flying the HS210 drone in windy conditions is not recommended. It does not have adequate power to endure moderate wind speed. If flying a drone in windy condition is what you want do, get a heavier drone that is equipped with stronger propulsion force like the Eachine E58 quadcopter and the Ninja FPV drone.

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Final Thoughts

Before concluding this in-depth review of the HS210 drone, below is an overview of what I think of this quirky little red drone. Overall, flying the HS210 was remarkable and it has provided a totally different experience from Parrot Mambo and other toy-grade drones. I was fairly fascinated with how stable it is and how easy it is to fly.

You will not be required to do all the guesswork or anything remotely like that. All you will be required to do is take the drone out of the package, put in the battery and embrace the fun experience you will have when you start flying. This makes it the ideal drone for beginners, especially those who might be initially intimated when starting out. Those who are familiar with the JJRC H36 model drone will find the Holy Stone HS210 drone quite easy to fly.

However it is the transmitter and remote control features that have the biggest impact on my perception of the drone among. The professional and well-designed transmitter does an amazing job to satisfy the learning and entertainment needs of both beginner and experienced flyers. This is a high-quality product crafted with remarkable workmanship.

This is a remarkable drone for first time flyers and more advanced individuals and a good surprise for hobbyists. Many reviewers place the Holy Stone HS210 drone among the top cheap drones for beginner and this is largely due to how easy it is to fly this quadcopter. Overall, the Holy Stone HS210 drone is quite impressive for craft that costs less than $50.

Holy Stone HS210
4.7 (93.85%) 13 votes
8.2Expert Score
Holy Stone HS210 Drone Rating
Overall Rating
  • Durable
  • Quality crafted
  • Long flight time
  • Affordable
  • Extremely fun
  • Beginner friendly
  • Super easy to fly
  • No camera
  • Weak wind resistance
  • Limited control range
  • Limited features

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