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Syma X8HG Drone Review 2019 – is the Syma X8HG quadcopter worth the money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

Syma X8HG Drone New Altitude Hold Mode Headless 3D Flips RC Quadcopter with 8MP Camera Red
  • 8MP HD camera and 1MP Video. 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
  • 2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference.even more than one quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other.
  • The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor.Including 4CH digital proportional RC system.
  • Function: Video/Photograph/Raise & Down/Forwards & Backwards/Left & Right Turning/Left & Right Flying/Hovering/360 Degree Rotating.Colorful
  • Colorful LED light: Suitable for flying in the dark at night
Syma X8HG With 8MP HD Camera Altitude Hold Mode 2.4G 4CH 6Axis RC Quadcopter RTF
  • HD CAMERA X8HG The New Drone !!!
  • 6 AXIS GYRO Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems.
  • HEADLESS MODE, The operator has no need to recognize the position of aircraft's headpiece.
  • BAROMETER SET HEIGHT, The aircraft will still hover that height at which the joystick is freed.
  • 360 Degree EVERSION, A key 360 degree roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.

The Syma X8HG drone’s design is characterized by round contours, which not only to make it aesthetically appealing but also boost performance and reduces wind resistance. The bright red body is made entirely of durable ABS plastic. This makes it virtually impossible to lose sight of the device even when it flies far away from you.

The quadcopter has medium dimensions with a wingspan of about 19 inches and a height of 7 inches (including support legs). You can carry it easily and at the same time guarantee high performance.

When inactive, the drone rests firmly on four long rubber legs located under the engines, which lift the central unit a little from the ground. The design is useful when you land the quadcopter on surfaces that are not flat. Moreover, it comes with a component that you can mount to protect the propellers from possible shocks.

Key features

The Syma X8HG quadcopter is suitable for outdoor flights, but nothing prevents you from using it indoors provided the environment is spacious. This unit is designed for individuals who already have some familiarity and experience in the field of drones.

Users can set the onboard barometer and the drone will maintain its position even if the wind changes. Among other things, the letter H of the acronym X8HG stands for altitude hold, which means maintaining the same height.

The headless mode also allows you to pilot your quadcopter regardless of the head’s position. This means the unit follows a specific direction as determined by the control levers. This is a useful feature, especially after performing countless acrobatics at high altitudes or at considerable distances. Under these circumstances, the user can no longer distinguish the correct side of the head.

Syma does not disappoint even when it comes to special effects. The X8HG has the ability to perform numerous and repeated 360-degree flips by simply pressing a simple button. Your videos will become more dynamic, filling them with somersaults and taking pictures with nothing but interesting inclinations.

There are two flight speeds: slow or fast, depending on your current needs. If you need a more stable flight set the first. On the other hand, to ensure a more reactive drone you will select the second.

The Syma X8HG quadcopter features four colored LEDs mounted under the four propellers (two red in front and two green in the back), which will allow you to locate it even in a starry night.

The list of components in the package include:

– 8 propellers (type A and B)
– 4 rotor protections
– 4 landing legs
– Helical tightening clips and screws
– Propeller covers
– Battery charger
– Screwdriver
– USB reader mini SD cards
– Camera with 4GB card


The Syma X8HG quadricopter has an aerodynamic shape that allows a considerable reduction of friction with the air, decreasing the engine effort and the relative battery consumption. Therefore, continuous use can be extended considerably. The removal of some features like the camera enables the drone to provide more than 15 minutes of continuous flight.

The stability of the drone, in addition to being guaranteed by its design, is expertly managed electronically thanks to the presence of a 6-axis gyroscope. This feature contributes to, among other things, an increase in performance and a reduction in battery consumption.

The maximum range of the radio control is about 76 yards. You have the opportunity to fly the drone at considerable distances while never losing sight of the device. The radio control is the same as the X8C model and the only difference is that the left lever is centered since the drone has automatic altitude hold.

Once the left lever is activated, the drone turns on the propellers and rises, after which the altitude hold data indicated by the sensor determine the unit’s behavior. The drone maintains its height perfectly even when there is strong wind. As a result, the movements are smooth.

The 3D flips are performed with the right button and you do not notice the slightest loss in height during the operation. The other novelty is the 8MP camera that this model mounts.


To assemble the drone, you need to insert the four landing feet and fix them with two screws each (the screwdriver supplied requires a bit of effort to perform the task). The plastic caps must be removed to insert the protections of the propellers to be fixed with two screws.

To insert the propellers, unscrew the plastic support, remove the peg, insert the propeller below and then reinsert the support with a peg. The camera is simply installed by interlocking and it is impossible to make a mistake.

To ensure that the battery is in place after the internal cables are attached, it must face the right direction otherwise the rear compartment cannot be closed properly.

The drone can be turned on using a button located on the bottom. It should be noted, however, that the calibration procedure must be performed after a battery change, which is achieved by pulling both levers down on the left.

Customer reviews

Many users are impressed by the drone’s robust frame that is almost indestructible. The unit can survive falls and only suffer a few scratches.

Syma X8HG Drone Review: Pros and cons


– Comes with the headless mode
– Aerodynamic design that boosts performance
– A 6-axis gyroscope enhances performance and a reduction in battery consumption


– Lacks FPV

Final thoughts

The X8HG drone compares favorably against units its class thanks to a variety of useful features. The photos captured from the drone are 3264 x 2448 pixels and have an excellent color rendering with an improved quality compared to previous models.

The remote control of the Syma X8HG quadricopter is entirely white with joysticks and bright red buttons. The various functions can be easily activated by pressing buttons placed conveniently on the upper edge or in the center of the radio control. They enable the headless mode feature, set the speed, the camera or activate the 3D eversion mode.

On the main panel of the radio control, there is an LCD screen that shows the intensity of the signal, the battery level, the selected flight mode and the power. The radio control uses the classic 2.4GHz carrier and thanks to spread spectrum technology, you can eliminate interference and reduce energy consumption. This increases the reaction time by 100 times compared to a classic radio control.

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Based upon feedback submitted by over 60 customers the Syma X8HG Drone has received a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. We discuss why in this review article.


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