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Here at DronesForSaleReview.com we offer writers in the Drones / RC / Technology niches an opportunity to contribute content to our website. Content submitted to our website must be of high quality and offer value to our readers.

If you are interested in paying to get a guest post on our website DronesForSaleReview.com that links back to your website / product / service, fill out the form below to get in touch. Guest posting rates on our website start at $85 per post.

Our paid guest posting service is perfect for any site in the niches of; drones, rc, toys, technology & product reviews.

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Guest posts help drive traffic to your website. If you would like to guest-blog but do not know where and how to start, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share guest post writing tips that’ll work in the real world.

Write for Relevance

The main reason behind guest-blogging is driving traffic to your site. And if you really want that traffic to mean anything, it’s important your blog post is on a site that’s related to your website or brand. The ‘relatability’ could be in terms of the industry you’re in or the kind of audience you’re trying to target.

For instance, if you’re an e-commerce company that sells men’s sunglasses and sneakers, you should guest-blog for websites that specialize in providing information relating to men’s lifestyle. However, since your target audience is a retail shopper, you can also write for a fashion blog. Just make sure the fashion blog isn’t women-centric because that would be a complete mismatch.

Reach Out to Established Blogs

People will not contact you to write guest posts for them, unless your website is super popular. Invariably, you’ll have to look for guest blogging opportunities on your own. Make sure you send in you requests to established blogs. In other words, the blog must possess credible elements. For example, it should not have ads all over.

Most importantly, do your research. A blog is not worthy of your guest post just because it’s relevant to your brand and its target audience is same as or similar to yours. Look for websites that already have solid web traffic. There’s just no point writing for a site that no one visits. If the site you’re targeting is recognized as an “industry authority”, you can safely assume they already enjoy lots of traffic. The comments their blog posts receive or the site’s posting frequency are things that will make clear this fact.

Let Your Voice Shine

Guest posts should showcase your unique voice. The audience that’s going to read your content hasn’t read anything from you before. They don’t know who you are, unlike your website’s audience that you’ve already won over. And in the process of impressing your new readers, do not pretend or write something that’s totally uncharacteristic of your writing style.

Your guest blog should accurately reflect your own site’s posts so that when these new readers click the link to your site and read content on your site, they shouldn’t feel disappointed or surprised. If your way of writing is typically sarcastic or funny, use the same style. However, do it tastefully so that you don’t offend anybody and hurt your brand in the process.

The Introduction Must Be Strong

For people to navigate to your site from your guest post, it’s imperative they read your post fully. Almost 45 percent of readers online scan through articles and posts, which brings down the odds of your content getting a full read. If your post’s introduction isn’t tight enough, people will invariably not read your post. Most importantly, they will not visit your site. Your post’s opening lines matter; the post’s headline matters even more.

There are different approaches to captivate your reader in the introduction. For example, ask a question. You may also mention an intriguing statistic or fact in the intro to pique the readers’ interest. Identify an issue. Provide a teaser to a solution the reader would find in the post. Most importantly, be direct and get to the point straightaway. Talk about topics your audience could relate to.

Tell Your Story

Make it crystal-clear right at the start that your write-up is a guest post. Introduce yourself briefly so that readers know the content is by a writer they’re not familiar with. If the audience doesn’t realize they’re reading a new author’s post, they would not have any reason to check out your website.

This is also the ideal time to master the storytelling art. That is because close to 90 percent of consumers like brands to provide content that feels or reads like a story. If you’re unsure about what tale to tell, begin with your very own story. Relate your expertise and background in your blog post’s subject matter.

If you have a successful company in the sector related to your blog post’s topic, make sure you talk about it. If you are a degree holder in an area that makes you a subject matter expert, bring it to light. All these things should help boost your credibility. This would also make you sound legitimate, which will increase the likelihood of readers navigating to your site.

Write for Us – Drones, RC, Toys & Technology – Niche Guest Posts
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